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The Ashok Leyland logo looks at the customer, indicating high technology products and customer focus. The emblem has dynamics and desires to hit the target with its developments.

Ashok Leyland: Brand overview

Founded:7 September 1948
Founder:Raghunandan Saran
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Ashok Leyland is an Indian engineering flagship founded by the British Hinduja Group. The Ashok Leyland logo can be seen on trucks, passenger vehicles, and special vehicles. Up to 83 thousand cars are produced per year.

The plant was opened in the south of India in Chennai with the country’s Prime Minister’s assistance. Initially, it was called Ashok Motors. The release of a wide range of cars began after the merger with Leyland Motors. Now the company has six factories in India, the Czech Republic, and the UAE, which employs 12,000 employees.

Meaning and History

Ashok Leyland Logo History

The emblem demonstrates the connection between the company and its customers. All company developments aim to serve and improve people’s lives, facilitating their work.

Who is Ashok Leyland?

An Indian manufacturer of buses, vans, trucks, road trains, trailers, and components operates under ISO and QS standards, allowing them to sell products to the USA, Asia, Africa, and European countries. The company’s turnover is 2 billion dollars.

1896 – 1962

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1962 – 1968

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1952 – 1968

British Motor Logo 1952

1968 – 1986

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1986 – 2011

Ashok Leyland Logo

The logo consists of an elegant emblem followed by the company’s name.

The picture reminds:

  • Camera shutter. The lens is slightly opened, and the letter L, representing the company, is at the center of attention. The composition demonstrates the stardom and popularity of the company. Indicates that everyone pays attention to the corporation. She is at the center of the news, and competitors look up to her.
  • The main symbol of movement and machines. The wheel is not simple, but with carved, impressive discs, indicating the car’s style, and modern and fashionable design.
  • Spinning wheel. The symbol is part of the flag of India as a sign of independence, the ability to produce the necessary goods for life. Chosen in honor of the country in which the company is based.
  • The two parts of the tornado, spinning, mix and form a conglomerate, indicating the enterprise’s emergence through the merger of Ashok Motors and Leyland Motors in 1955. A new firm has taken over the round badge from Leyland.
  • Target in a target. The company always hits the target with its developments. They fully meet customers’ needs, are well thought out, and are functional.

The combination of white and blue elements tells about the two branches of the manufacturer: ACCL and PLHT (machines and components).

Font and Colors

The main color of the logo is light blue. Alludes to the expanse of heaven, the movement towards a dream. Indicates the great heights that the firm has reached.

The inscription font is unique and designed specifically for the logo. The style is light and free, with unusual roundings at the ends of the letters, reminiscent of the streamlined car bodies and the perfect fit of parts.

Ashok Leyland color codes

Green BlueHex color:#1389ca
RGB:19 137 202
CMYK:91 32 0 21
Pantone:PMS Process Blue C