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Hinduja Group: Brand overview

Established in 1914 by Karmanand Deepchand Hinduja, Hinduja Group started its journey as a trading company dealing in the import and export of goods. With the passage of time, the company expanded into various sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, banking, and automobiles. The turning point for the conglomerate was its partnership with Ashok Leyland in 1948. By 1987, it turned into a full-fledged acquisition, cementing Hinduja’s role as a key player in India’s commercial vehicle sector.

Since then, the group has grown into a vast multinational conglomerate led by the Hinduja brothers. Today, its diverse portfolio includes well-known companies such as IndusInd Bank, Gulf Oil, and Hinduja Power. Based in Mumbai, the company has a global reach and operates across multiple continents.

Despite its huge scale – with assets exceeding $100 billion – the group remains a family-owned business. The Hinduja family is considered one of the wealthiest in Asia. Over more than a century of existence, the Hinduja Group has evolved from a humble trading company to a multi-faceted corporate titan under the leadership of the Hinduja family.

Meaning and History

Hinduja Group Logo History

1896 – 1962

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1968 – 1986

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1986 – 2011

2011 – today

Hinduja Group Logo

The conglomerate Hinduja Group operates in eleven industries and has offices in many cities around the world. Accordingly, its emblem depicts a symbol of global presence – a globe. The globe is represented as an oval grid consisting of lines of latitude and longitude. The letters “Hn” are connected to each other and are located in the center of the grid, organically merging with the lines. The lower part contains the company name in capital letters, which appears asymmetrical due to the inwardly directed strokes. The dark blue color of the logo creates a sense of professionalism and authority.

The interlocking letters “Hn” located in the center of the globe symbolize the unity and integration of the company’s different business lines. The choice of dark blue color symbolizes stability and trust, which is intended to reassure stakeholders. The asymmetrical design of the letters in the company name adds a unique element that attracts attention and distinguishes the brand. All these elements combine to give a rich, multi-layered representation of the conglomerate’s global ambitions and multifaceted activities.