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The group’s mission is to connect Korea with the rest of the world, says the Ateez logo. First of all, the boy band is focused on the idea and the global goal of the team, which is much more important than the musicians’ personalities.

Ateez: Brand overview

Founder:KQ Entertainment
Seoul, South Korea
Ateez is a male musical group consisting of eight members. It was formed by KQ Entertainment in 2018 and has already been recognized as a fourth-generation leader in 2020 with several prestigious awards. The boy band made its debut in the fall of 2018 when it performed an extended program called Treasure EP.1: All to Zero, which became the album of the same name. Now the band is the official representative of Korean culture worldwide, so the media dubbed its member’s world-class idols. As of 2021, they had already recorded six small collections in Korean, one full-length album, and three collections in Japanese. Zero: Fever Part. 1 was the music team’s first album to achieve platinum status on the Gaon Albums chart. Currently, the band has sold over 1 million copies of their discs. The band is primarily based in Seoul, South Korea.

Meaning and History

Ateez Symbol

KQ Entertainment had plans to create another youth group after a representative of the multimedia company studied a letter with a sample of Kim Hongjoong’s recording. The young man admired their first group called Block B and wrote that he wanted to become their trainee. His talent turned out to be unique, and the management organized a music team especially for him, making Kim the leader. For half a year, he was the only representative of the band until Yunho joined him. A year later, Mingi (from Maroo Entertainment), Wooyoung and Yeosang (from Big Hit Entertainment), Jongho (from TOP Media) came. Then Seonghwa and San were invited.

Before the official launch, the boy band was called KQ Fellaz. Ateez it became later, just before its debut. To quickly promote and support the group, the organizer first posted on YouTube channel KQ Fellaz Performance Video I, where all eight members danced to the track Pick It Up by Famous Dex. It was the start of their musical career and the first introduction to the public.

Shortly after that, the KQ Fellaz American Training pre-launch video premiered. It told the story of how the young people traveled to Los Angeles, California, to gain experience in dancing. The group had a ninth contender, Lee Junyoung, but he didn’t make the main roster. At the end of the trip, the guys recorded the single From.

Then a project was launched with three teasers, the second of which revealed the future name of the male musical group. It became the basis for the logo. Their show Code Name Is Ateez took place on Mnet in the second half of July. In October, the band released their debut album and music videos for the songs Treasure and Pirate King. With the right promotion campaign, they became popular immediately.

The sign of personal identity consists of the name because it is informative, advertising, and well-remembered, which is extremely important for show business. That is why the founders chose the word “Ateez,” which is understandable for the audience. It is capitalized and has no serifs.

The feet of the letters are flat and smooth, and the letters themselves have an oblique shape as if written in italics. But at the same time, the characters look ordinary – printed, wide, without any extravagant design. Only the orange color is bright. At the top is a wide stripe. It, too, has a diagonal slant, demonstrating the integrity of the team and its unbreakable ideological orientation. The boy band in the full composition gives the listeners joy, positive, bright impressions, and in unison, in a single burst.

Font and Colors

Ateez Emblem

The emblem uses the Akira Expanded typeface – wide, smooth and geometric. Each letter has clear outer and inner corners. The brand palette is monotonous. It consists of a combination of orange (letters, band) and white (background). Sometimes a black and white version is used.

Ateez color codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C