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The combination of the best qualities of the car symbolizes the Audi logo. Speed, maneuverability, ease of control, minimum fuel consumption – everywhere, the car is a champion. The emblem also indicates 24/7 owner support.

Audi: Brand overview

Founded: 16 July 1909
Founder: August Horch
Ingolstadt, Germany
Audi is a legendary German car manufacturer. The company was founded in 1909. The company is headquartered in Ingolstadt. In 1932, major changes took place. The company became part of the automotive concern Auto Union GmbH. Today Audi is an independent division of Volkswagen AG. Manufacturing plants are located on all continents. The factories produce crossovers, convertibles, as well as medium, executive, and business class cars.

Meaning and History

Audi Logo History

The basis of the Audi logo is four rings, which are lined up in one row and superimposed one on top of the other. They are white or black, depending on the background. The simple yet iconic emblem represents the automotive brand worldwide. There are three ring thicknesses: Audi Rings Standard, Audi Rings Medium, and Audi Rings Light. They are not tied to specific car models. The main thing is that they stand out well and blend with the typography.

What is Audi?

Audi is a luxury car brand from Germany. It belongs to the company of the same name, which is based in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt and competes in terms of sales with other luxury car manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Audi factories are located in 10 countries around the world.

1909 (pre-launch)

Audi Logo 1909 (pre-launch)

The first Audi logo appeared in 1909. The pre-launch version of the logo was directly related to the name of the company created by August Horch. Translated from German, the surname of the founder of the company means “listen.” Business partners of August Horch proposed an original version – a translation of the surname into Latin. In the imperative mood, Audi means to listen. This name was reflected in the first version of the logo. This is beautiful diagonal lettering. The emblem is made in dark gray. There is nothing extra in it.

1909 – 1910

Audi Logo 1909

In 1909, a radically new solution was developed. After the automobile company’s registration, a logo appeared, designed in strict black and white colors. The emblem consisted of several iconic elements. It is a black triangle, inside which you can see the company’s name, executed in white. The triangle has a hemisphere and a unit at the top. What did the founder of the company want to say by this? The fact that Audi cars are at the forefront of the market.

1910 – 1932

Audi Logo 1909-1932

During this period of the enterprise’s activity, the logo practically did not change. The only difference from the previous version is that the company name is written in a different font. The rest of the elements remain the same. The first place is given to German cars on the podium. They combine impeccable quality and an increased level of comfort.

1932 – 1949

Auto Union Logo 1932-1949

In 1929, the world economic crisis began. Due to the general lack of money, Audi cars were practically not bought. In 1932, an important event happened. The four companies Horch, Wanderer, DKW, and Audi, merged into one. Thus, the automotive concern Auto Union AG appeared. The old logo has become irrelevant. A new version has appeared – four rings with brand emblems connected. This logo symbolized the unity of the four companies and the tremendous strength of the union.

1949 – 1969

Audi Logo 1949

During this period, a logo of four light gray rings with dark gray outlines was used. Over them was the word “Auto Union” written on a white background between two horizontal stripes.


Audi NSU Logo 1969

This year NSU Motorenwerke AG joined the concern, producing motorcycles and cars. The designers changed the logo again. The four rings connected disappeared. Instead, a large black rectangle appeared. It bore a white Audi NSU lettering. This logo did not last long.

1969 – 1995

Audi Logo 1969-1995

This is a new period in the development of the automotive company. In 1965, the company came under the control of Volkswagen. Since that time, the factories have produced cars under the old Audi brand. The old logo had to be changed. The new decision symbolized confidence and strength. It was presented in the form of four rings joined together. But there were also significant changes: the blue color of the rings, the absence of the company name.

During this period, another unique logo was developed. It is a horizontal black oval. Inside such a geometric shape, the Audi lettering was made. The inscription is designed in a rather unusual way. Attention is drawn to such moments: a non-standard font, bold white letters, and a rounded letter d.

1978 – 1995

Audi Logo 1978-1995

In 1978, a striking logo was developed that cannot be overlooked on the car. The black color changed to red. The old white lettering remains. A notable element of the logo is a thin white and red outline. The new logo of the automotive concern was visible from afar. White and red are a traditional combination associated with courage, activity, and energy. This is the ideal solution for a company that is developing and striving for new achievements.

1995 – 2009

Audi Logo 1995-2009

In 1995, the designers developed an unusual version of the logo, thought out to the smallest detail. They combined the two previous solutions and simplified them. Instead of blue rings, three-dimensional silver rings appeared. Below them is the Audi lettering. These are bright red letters that attract attention. The designers have tried and balanced the massive inscription with thin silver rings. The original logo was liked by the co-founders of the company and existed until 2009. It harmoniously combines exclusivity and elegance.

2009 – 2016

Audi Logo 2009-2016

In 2009, the designers decided to change the logo slightly. The company name was moved from the center to the lower left. The inscription has decreased. Silver rings have changed. Their size has also increased. Silver rings took center stage. These elements symbolize the unbreakable unity of the four founders of the renowned automotive concern.

2016 – today

Audi Logo 2016-present

In 2016, designers drastically simplified the Audi logo. The 3D elements are gone. Legendary rings, connected, have changed their color. Now they are not silver, but black. There are no additional inscriptions. The original logo of the car manufacturer looks stylish and concise.

In 2017, information appeared on the Internet that the German concern had patented two new emblems. Experts speculate that this is due to the emergence of electric cars and luxury models from Audi. They are characterized by luxury, improved performance, and uniqueness. The first version of the logo is two pairs of black half-rings connected. And the second option is rings with no weaves. In both cases, the emblems remain recognizable and associated with Audi.

Font and Colors

Audi Emblem

The logo of major automotive concern has constantly been changing. The font has always had unusual spelling options for the letters A and D.

The color scheme also changed. At first, it was black, white, and blue, and then red was added. In 1995, designers introduced a new idea – silver metal rings. With the help of such solutions, the developers demonstrated the company’s reliability and professionalism.

Audi Symbol

Today the Audi logo is in black. Rings connected reflect the rich history of the company and are associated with high quality. This emblem on a car’s radiator grille is recognized all over the world!

Audi color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What does the Audi emblem represent?

The Audi emblem represents Auto Union AG, which arose after the merger of four companies in 1932. The rings, in this case, symbolize the members of this association and their inextricable bond.

What does the Audi logo represent?

The automaker’s logo symbolizes the unity of the four companies that founded Auto Union AG: Wanderer, Horch, DKW, and Audi. This is a sign of inviolability and age-old traditions.

Why is the Audi logo four rings?

Four intertwined rings appeared on the Audi logo to mark the formation of Auto Union AG. Each link symbolizes one of the companies that are part of the community.

What do the four rings in Audi’s logo represent?

One ring represents Audi; the second represents DKW, the third represents Horch, and the fourth represents Wanderer. These companies became part of Auto Union AG in 1932.