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Avation: Brand overview

Avation, an aircraft leasing company, was founded in 2006 and is based in Singapore. The company’s core business is the acquisition of commercial airplanes, which are then leased to various airlines around the world. Avation’s core fleet of aircraft includes ATR turboprops and Airbus A320 family aircraft, which the company offers on lease.

In addition to its leasing operations, Avation operated a short-term regional air transportation business between 2009 and 2012. Under the Avation brand, the company utilized ATR 42 turboprop aircraft to serve routes in Australia and the United States. These flights were mainly operated to small destinations and provided contracted connectivity.

However, after a few years, Avation decided to suspend its regional airline operations and focus its resources on developing aircraft leasing. Today, Avation operates exclusively as a lessor, leasing around 60 aircraft to various airlines in regions such as Europe and Asia Pacific.

Among its prestigious clients are Virgin Australia, Air France, and Philippine Airlines, each of which operates aircraft leased from Avation. The company’s core revenue is derived from long-term aircraft leases to commercial airlines around the world.

Meaning and History

Avation Logo History

2006 – today

Avation Logo

Avation is one of the largest lessors of airplanes but is not engaged in passenger transportation, so it does not see the need to attract customers with a memorable logo. It just needs a simple wordmark where its name is presented in several color and font variations. All letters in the word “avacia” are lowercase and typed in a sans-serif font, and that’s where their similarities end. The initial letter “ava” is highlighted in red, italicized, and enlarged in size. The following letter “tion” looks completely different: it is black and vertical. At the end, there are capital gray glyphs with the word “PLC.”

The choice of a simple word mark corresponds to the company’s focus on B2B (business-to-business) operations rather than on attracting individual clients. Different fonts and colors in the same word symbolize the adaptability and versatility of the company’s business. The gray “PLC” at the end of the word indicates that Avation is a public limited liability company, making the entire design official.