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Avies: Brand overview

From 1991 to 2016, Avies was an Estonian aviation company headquartered in Tallinn. The company’s main services were scheduled and charter flights as well as aircraft maintenance.

Using Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft, Avies operated domestic and international flights within Europe. Avies’ main destinations were Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Moscow, and Riga.

The company traces its history back to Estonia’s independence in 1991 and was originally called Aero Airlines. A rebranding in 2006 led to the renaming of the company to Avies, which coincided with the expansion of its maintenance and charter operations.

The company’s aviation division became Avies Airlines, which was responsible for both scheduled routes and corporate charters. The company had more than 300 employees, ranging from pilots and technicians to corporate staff.

However, by 2016, after 25 years in business, Avies was forced to cease operations due to mounting losses and debt. The fierce competition and high costs of operating as a regional carrier proved too difficult for Avies to maintain profitability, leading to its eventual collapse.

Meaning and History

Avies Logo History

1991 – 2016

Avies Logo

Although the Estonian airline no longer exists, the logo with the word “AVIES” still serves as a reminder of its historical past. The dark blue word is typed in a bold sans-serif font with uneven spacing between letters, resulting in the “E” and “S” almost touching at one point. All glyphs are tilted to the right toward a small flying airplane depicted as a deformed triangle. Two diagonals stretch behind the airplane, depicting its trail. All parts of the illustration are colored in gold, with the bottom part having a gradient of different shades.

The use of gold color for all design elements speaks of luxury and high standards. The slanted glyphs and the airplane in motion echo the theme of aviation, evoking a sense of movement and striving. The gradient at the bottom adds visual interest and depth to the entire design.