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The Bad Dragon logo has a neutral design that makes it impossible to guess what this company is doing. On the other hand, it reflects its name and conveys a playful mood. That is, the emblem characterizes not so much the brand’s products as the general atmosphere that it creates.

Bad Dragon: Brand overview

Founded:June 2008
Founder:Jan “Varka” Mulders Brian, “Athus Nadorian” Dyer, “Narse”, “Raith”
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Bad Dragon is an American company that has been producing intimate toys for the furry community and fantasy fans since 2008. Headquarters in Arizona. The Bad Dragon logo is familiar to fans of role-playing games with fantasy characters worldwide.

Four representatives of the fantasy community founded the company, the main one being Jan Mulders (the game character Varka) as the main ideological inspirer. The company offers the genitals of fantasy animals with human intelligence (dragons, werewolves, vampires, etc.)

Meaning and History

Bad Dragon Logo History

The company logo has changed in the direction of moving away from realism and the emergence of an ideal option for labeling manufactured goods.

What is Bad Dragon?

A brand of adult products that offers fantasy animal organs for intimate play. It was created in 2008 by four like-minded people from the furry community.

2008 – 2018

Bad Dragon Logo 2008

The first visual sign appeared along with the opening of the company. The option can hardly be called successful since it looks more like a cartoon banner.

On a rectangular background, covered with the image of scales and reptiles, there was the name and the main character who personified it. The black background, which was supposed to hint at games under cover of night, made the image gloomy and heavy and reduced the visibility of details.

The left corner of the composition was occupied by the torso of a fantasy dragon lying on the ground. He looked more thoughtful than playful. The animal’s head rested on one of its clawed paws, and its gaze turned downwards. At the same time, the lower jaw, the front of the neck, and the chest were reddened by the flames that overwhelmed the beast. The dragon on the emblem is inside his fantasies, and is considering ways to realize them.

At the level of the dragon’s mouth, the company’s name is located in voluminous red letters, reminiscent of a flame escaping from the chest. The name shows that the dragon’s thoughts go in a forbidden way.

There was a large space below the inscription, which made the logo incompatible. In general, it was difficult to understand what the company does from the composition.

2018 – today

Bad Dragon Logo

In 2018, the logo was made more modern. The weighting background was removed, leaving a schematic representation of the animal’s head.

His eye is squinted, and his mouth curved into a half-smile, which gives his muzzle a sly expression that hints at flirting and flights of fancy. The company provides ample opportunities for games.

  • Products from Bad Dragon of the most unusual shapes and colors. Each has a legend, immersing in a fantasy world.
  • Models belong to exotic animals; let you put them on and play a sexy role-play.
  • The company offers an additional service of making a dream toy from a sketch to fulfill the special desires of customers.

The cone-shaped horn going up resembles the main product of the company.

The head is painted in two contrasting colors: black and red. These colors are the dance of passion, cold and flame, man and woman. Two tones indicate products for both genders. The black half is associated with the word “Bad.”

The halves are separated by a white line, hinting at a special lubricant necessary for the toys’ normal functioning.

Instead of the name, the abbreviation BD is used, placed on the red half of the muzzle. The color “warms up” the fantasy, and the two letters continue easily, turning into BDSM. It becomes clear why the dragon is “bad.”

The modern logo design is more in line with the company’s direction and conveys the essence of its offer.

Font and Colors

Bad Dragon Emblem

Two colors are chosen for the emblem: red and black.

  • Red – fire, passion, desire, love, burning touch.
  • Black – night, secret, hidden from all desires, forbidden fantasies stored in the soul’s hidden corners. Placing the abbreviation of the name in red shows what the company brings to light and helps to realize these desires.

Bad Dragon Symbol

The letters of the inscription are rounded, with completely smoothed corners. The two rings, “B” and “D,” are shaped like the letter O and are associated with certain body openings. The inscription font is Manufaktur Heavy.

Bad Dragon color codes

Persian RedHex color:#cb3333
RGB:203 51 51
CMYK:0 75 75 20
Pantone:PMS 1788 C
BlackHex color:#000100
RGB:0 1 0
CMYK:100 0 100 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C