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Ballantine’s logo is as beautiful as the drink it represents. The ideal straight lines of the emblem speak of strict adherence to the recipe, aging, and a smooth, pleasant taste of a drink that is easy to drink.

Ballantine’s: Brand overview

Founder:Pernod Ricard
Dumbarton, Scotland.

Ballantine’s is a 35-43% ABV Scotch whiskey with a two-hundred-year history and impeccable quality. The drink has more than a hundred awards, confirming its excellent taste, and can be considered royal. The brand was valued by the monarchs of India and Great Britain. The brand had the approval of Queen Victoria, who issued the drink a license and certificate. The Ballantyne family started scotch tape in 1827. To date, six variations of Ballantine’s whiskey are known:

  • Finest – an old drink with an apple-honey aftertaste, developed by George Ballantine in the early twentieth century.
  • Limited – Scotch with a creamy-fruity taste and the highest strength in the line.
  • Brasil is a mild version with cream and vanilla flavors introduced for South America.
  • Brasil Lime – another kind of southern drink with vanilla and citrus aftertaste.
  • Hard Fired is a 3-year sweet-tasting scotch.
  • Barrel Smooth – whiskey with an unusual tart and spicy aroma.

Among the exclusive offers of the brand are scotch tapes with a different exposure: 12, 17, 21, and 30 years. All of them are distinguished by premium taste and secret composition.
Since 2005, the brand has been owned by the French concern Pernod Ricard, owned by the Ricard family.

Meaning and History

Ballantine's Symbol

Whiskey production was the Ballantyne family business. They have been blending the drink according to the special recipes of the founder of the company, George Ballantyne, for over 90 years. The product mixes almost 60 ingredients. The basis is grain whiskey brand Dumbarton. A range of single malts complements the bouquet. Each of the ingredients is at least six years old. Buyers highly appreciated the taste of whiskey. Therefore, despite the change of owners, the recipe, the emblem, and even the bottle’s look remained virtually unchanged throughout the years of its existence. They keep the brand recognizable emphasize its style and endurance.

The brand’s emblem is Ballantine’s in italics. The combination of severity and elegance in its style symbolizes the special taste of the drink, the harmonious combination of all its components, and a delicate aftertaste. Most often, the inscription is placed on a cream background. The classic shade of the time the drink appeared. The cream is a sign of lightness. It shows that this brand of tape is pleasant to use. It is easy to drink does not have a sharp alcohol taste.

In addition to the logo, the brand has two distinguishing marks that are present on the brand’s products:

  • a red circle with three interlaced first letters of the full name of the developer company: George Ballantine and Son (in a more modern version, one B);
  • coat of arms.

The circle symbolizes a wax seal, showing hermetic closure, protection against counterfeiting, and belonging to the recipe Ballantyne and sons. The seal is the hallmark of the oldest family member – Finest.

The drink received its heraldic attribute in 1938 from the monarchs of Great Britain. The coat of arms includes a helmet, a shield, two flags held by two horses standing on their hind legs, looking at each other. They symbolize the speed of distribution of the drink and the conquest of its popularity. Above the helmet, a griffin with a sword peeps out – a sign of power and might because the drink is the second most popular among Scotch Scotland. The whole structure rests on a piece of Scottish land with thistles growing on it. The visual image contains many iconic symbols that convey the history and spirit of the drink. Particularly stand out:

  • The image on the emblem of the distillery is a sheaf of wheat, barrels, and roads. They indicate the attributes of whiskey production and its transportation to different countries (in 1965, the owners stopped selling adhesive tape in their homeland and transported all volumes abroad).
  • The inscription: “Amicus generis humani” (friend of the human race), because the brand has been accompanying people for many years and is appreciated worldwide.
  • The flag of the Apostle Andrew, who is considered the patron saint of Scotland – the country of origin of scotch tape.

Font and Colors

Ballantine's Emblem

An uppercase font with a capital letter with monograms was used for the logo. It has the same name as adhesive tape – Ballantines.

The main color of the inscription is a noble dark blue. Many elements on the label and coat of arms are made of gold. These are the colors of glory, greatness, the desire for victory, and prosperity and are the best characterize Ballantine’s stock.

Ballantine’s color codes

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