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The emblem of the manufacturer of sports goods is very dynamic. Energy, determination, thirst for victory, rivalry – everything in it says about the continuous movement. And the company makes it safer and more interesting, so the Bauer logo, on the one hand, expresses tension and, on the other hand – reliability.

Bauer: Brand overview

Founder:Bauer family
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Bauer is an American manufacturer of hockey, fitness, softball, and baseball equipment. Its range includes skates, elbow pads, knee pads, hockey sticks, sportswear, helmets, pants, backpacks, compression underwear, and leisure wear. The release of hockey paraphernalia began with skates. Until 1990, the company produced only them, and after the acquisition of Cooper Canada Ltd. greatly expanded its specialization. In 2014, she bought Easton Diamond and mastered the production of softball and baseball products. The brand is now a Peak Achievement Athletics Corporation division, headquartered in Exeter, New Hampshire. Its founder is businessman Roy Charles Bauer.

Meaning and History

Bauer Symbol

This company appeared in 1927 in Kitchener, Ontario, where it was established by the Bauer family, which owned the Western Shoe Company. She became the first in the world to organize the production of skates with blades attached to shoes – until that time, they were produced separately. Both hockey boots and blades are Bauer’s design. Moreover, this technology has significantly affected the entire industry.

At first, the line was called Bauer Skate; then, it was renamed Bauer Supreme. Robert Theodore Bauer, a relative of the company’s founder and a representative of the Hockey Hall of Fame, who played in the NHL for the Boston Bruins, brought great popularity to the brand. Later, Robert Marvin “Bobby” Hull, a Canadian ice hockey superstar, joined the marketing strategy. He also took up advertising branded skates, which started a new era for the entire hockey sport.

What is Bauer?

Bauer is a US company that specializes in sports products for hockey, fitness, softball, and baseball. It produces equipment, protection, skates, hockey sticks, clothes, backpacks, etc. The company appeared in 1927 and was created by Roy Charles Bauer. It is now a subsidiary of Peak Achievement Athletics.

This brand was part of Nike (from 2005-to 2008) for several years, which was reflected in its name but not in the logo: it remained the same. In general, in the history of Bauer, there is only one emblem that represents it at all levels. It is used as a marking on tags, a patch on the products themselves, an element of visual identity, and an advertising tool. The style of the logo is simple, minimalistic, and without embellishments. Characters are streamlined, slanted, and clearly outlined with bold lines.

The Bauer logo is its concept. The laconic design emphasizes the directness and purposefulness of the American company, its flexible approach, and competitive spirit. The visual identity mark consists of a graphic image located on the left side and a title going to the right side. The letters are smooth, uppercase, and a slight italic adds momentum. Both in size and shape, they resemble massive squares.

Before the inscription is an icon in the form of a curved loop, this icon abstractly conveys the flight path of a figuratively launched puck. It also symbolizes two crossed hockey sticks. Their image is also clearly seen in the geometrically even lines of the letters. Thanks to this design, the emblem reflects the connection with the underlying product. The text is made in rounded letters: there are practically no corners in the internal space, but only smooth transitions from one plane to another.

Font and Colors

Bauer Emblem

For its logo, Bauer chose an italic typeface with a streamlined design. According to some characteristics, it correlates with Concielian Bold Semi-Italic. For example, they have the same angle of inclination of the letters, the same thickness of the lines, and the same intra-letter gaps but with varying degrees of rounding. Another interesting feature of the font is the balanced combination of lowercase and uppercase characters. Only three of them are capitalized: “B,” “U,” and “R.” The color palette of the emblem, on the contrary, is restrained and consists of a combination of black and white.

Bauer color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C