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Warm sun, clear water, and ripe wheat are visible in the emblem. The Bavaria logo represents an award-winning drink for its perfect combination of ingredients and balanced palate. The symbols allude to the white foam in the glass and invite you to taste the beer.

Bavaria: Brand overview

Founder:Swinkels brothers
Bavaria is an old brewery founded in 1719. It was founded in the Netherlands by the three Swinkels brothers. It sells products under the Rodenbach, La Trappe, and Bavaria brands.

Meaning and History

Bavaria Logo History

The firm has developed a recognizable design for beer bottles. But the name, which is depicted on its emblem, became the reason for a lengthy trial. The German Brewers Federation wanted to ban the Dutch manufacturer from using the existing label. The European court ruled in favor of the alcoholic giant, which is why the word “Bavaria” still flaunts on the labels. On the old version of the emblem, instead of a compass, Bavaria’s coat of arms was depicted: heraldic lions holding a shield with the symbols of Swabia, Lower Bavaria, Franconia, and the Palatinate.

What is Bavaria?

Bavaria is a beer brand owned by Royal Swinkels Family Brewers. This company was founded in the Netherlands before 1680 and was called Bavaria Brewery after the famous German region.

Until 2009

Bavaria Logo before 2009

The shape of the logo resembles a keg, which structurally emphasizes its connection with the theme of beer. There is a double golden and white border on the outer edge that surrounds a wide blue stripe with two linear highlights on the right and left. On the inner white background, there is a green shield, edged with a thin black stripe. At the bottom, numerous small strokes are visible around the narrow part – as if a shine. They take up the entire bottom space and end in the middle – under a short horizontal ribbon with the brand name.

Beneath it, another canvas is visible, painted in golden color and containing the word “PILSENER”. Both letterings have the same style and are in a serif typeface. There is a miniature oval-shaped icon above the wide horizontal ribbon. On a blue background, there is a curly letter “S”, which symbolizes the Swinkels brothers. On the sides of it, two ears diverge to the sides, and an elegant crown flaunts at the top.

2009 – today

Bavaria Logo 2009-present

In October 2009, the company improved the old logo. She presented it in a modern look, choosing blue as the main color. The second new element is the compass on the triangular shield. This is a tribute to the Swinkels brothers who started the brewery. The arrow points to the south and symbolizes the direction of the business.

Bavaria: Interesting Facts

Bavaria Brewery, established in 1719 in the Netherlands, is one of Europe’s oldest and biggest family-run breweries. It’s known for sticking to its roots while leading in innovation and quality.

  1. Family Tradition: The Swinkels family has run Bavaria Brewery for over seven generations, blending age-old brewing techniques with new ideas.
  2. Eco-Friendly Practices: The brewery is dedicated to protecting the environment. It works hard to use less water, reduce emissions, and support sustainable farming for its barley.
  3. Diverse Beer Selection: Bavaria makes a range of beers, from its main Bavaria lager to non-alcoholic options and unique specialty beers, offering something for every beer lover.
  4. Non-Alcoholic Beer Leader: In 1978, Bavaria was ahead of its time with its first non-alcoholic beer. It’s since perfected the brewing process, making its alcohol-free beers taste better.
  5. Worldwide Recognition: Bavaria beers are enjoyed in over 130 countries, making it a well-known name in the international beer scene.
  6. Natural Ingredients: The brewery uses pure spring water from its source to brew its beers, ensuring a clean and fresh taste.
  7. Award-Winning Quality: Bavaria’s commitment to excellence has earned numerous international awards for taste, quality, and innovation.
  8. Community Support: Beyond brewing, Bavaria is involved in local social causes and cultural events, showing its commitment to community well-being.
  9. Brewery Tours: Beer fans can tour Bavaria’s historic brewery to see how their favorite beers are made, learn about its history, and sample some brews.
  10. Evolving with Time: Bavaria has stayed relevant for over 300 years by adapting to new market trends and consumer tastes while remaining true to its brewing traditions.

Bavaria Brewery’s mix of heritage, innovation, and commitment to quality and community has made it a standout in the beer industry. It continues to win over beer enthusiasts worldwide and promises a lasting legacy.

Font and Colors

Bavaria Emblem

The font has also changed significantly. The designers redrew the letters to give them a clearer look. In the center is the word “Bavaria”. Below are the inscriptions “Lieshout Holland” and “1719”. The background is an elongated pentagonal shape with rounded edges and a blue gradient. It is embellished with several golden outlines.

Bavaria color codes

Golden BrownHex color:#9b7a02
RGB:155 122 2
CMYK:0 21 99 39
Pantone:PMS 118 C
Quill GreyHex color:#cbcac7
RGB:203 202 199
CMYK:0 0 2 20
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 2 C
Cobalt BlueHex color:#0041a4
RGB:0 65 164
CMYK:100 60 0 36
Pantone:PMS 293 C
Rich Electric BlueHex color:#0095e0
RGB:0 149 224
CMYK:100 33 0 12
Pantone:PMS Process Blue C

What does the Bavaria logo mean?

The compass on the Bavaria logo stands for the brewery’s development, the expansion of production, and the increase of the sales market. The lettering serves as an identifier so that customers know the basic information about the product. And the vertically elongated shaped base is adapted to the shape of the label.

What is the symbol of Bavaria?

The main symbol of the beer brand is the compass, with the arrow pointing south. This is a tribute to the founders of the brewery. The second most important element is the spikelets because it is from the seeds of the cereal that malt is made.

What is the font of the Bavaria logo?

There is an individual set of glyphs for the word “Bavaria.” The letters are bold, geometric, with serifs. The inner lines “B” and “a” have gaps at the junction. The dot above the “i” looks like a turned oval. As for the phrase “LIESHOUT HOLLAND,” it is written in upper-case, sans serif type. The letter-spacing is extended. For “1719,” the designers chose a thin italic typeface.