BBS Logo


A lot of energy, speed, and flight have been invested in the BBS logo. Thanks to the discs produced by the company, cars can fly along the track as if on wings. The emblem guarantees that the brand’s products will last a long time and will not let you down on the road.

BBS: Brand overview

Founded:1970 – 2007
Founder:Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand
Schiltach, Germany
BBS is a legendary German manufacturer of rims for sports and racing cars. The full name is BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG (BBS Automotive Technology Corporation). The brand was registered in 1970 by the founders Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand. The company’s headquarters from the day of foundation to the present day is located in the city of Schiltach (Schiltach) in the west of Germany.

Meaning and History

BBS Symbol

The founders immortalized their partnership with the brand name in the form of an abbreviation consisting of the first letters of their surnames and their hometown – Baumgartner, Brand, Schiltach. The brand emblem was immediately invented, the design was not particularly original – the BBS personal sign is a laconic text logo, visually divided into two parts. Above is the official name of the company, made in a minimalist style and decorated with a 3D effect. The motto was placed below, which sounds like “Technik aus dem Motorsport” and translated from German means “Motorsport Technologies.”

The fact is that Baumgartner and Brand, in addition to their love for mechanics, were completely devoted to motorsport. Initially, they planned to produce plastic body parts for the needs of German car factories in a small factory. Still, the desire to improve sports cars won over practicality, and in 1972 BBS introduced a unique development to the market. It was a prefabricated rim for fireballs, consisting of three elements – a disk, a rim, and a hub, fastened together with titanium bolts. The item had a laconic design, and for greater effect, it was subjected to diamond processing.

Then Air Inside technology appeared – a disk with empty internal cavities, which significantly, by 5 kg, lightened the wheel’s weight and, importantly, making it cheaper. In addition, this improved safety performance – the probability of deformation of the rim edge decreased by 60%, and the operational properties of the part – now the damaged part could be replaced, if necessary, changing its overhang, diameter, and width. Thanks to new technologies, the popularity of BBS has increased, and the brand emblem has adorned the cars of such giants as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Daimler-Chrysler, VW.

When designing a logo on products, deviations from the standard sample used for the official presentation of the brand are allowed. So, only the letters BBS without a motto are printed on rims. At the same time, the logo palette also differs from the classic version – the white color, depending on the background, is replaced by golden, silver, or black.

For all the years of BBS’s existence, the owners have not made changes to the name and appearance of the logo. And the emblem, in general, fully reflects the philosophy of the German brand – minimalism and elegance with impeccable workmanship.

Font and Colors

BBS Emblem

As in the case of rims, when developing the logo, the company’s frontmen relied on conciseness and functionality, abandoning excessive pomposity and tinsel. The traditional colors of the emblem are white letters, written with a slight slope and surrounded by a red or, less commonly, black border. The frame has an uneven width – the borders are narrow at the top and left and wide at the bottom and right, which gives the letters additional volume and strict completeness. The name font looks similar to MS UI Gotik but differs from it in writing the letter S – on the emblem; the parallel lines of the letter are more straight with a slight rounding at the corners. The slogan is usually written in even small font, close to the Corbel type in black, adjusting to the width of the name, and using black.

BBS color codes

RedHex color:#ff010b
RGB:255 1 11
CMYK:0 100 96 0
Pantone:PMS 172 C