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The style in which the Bed Bath and Beyond logo is made immediately reminds of home furniture. The brand emblem is massive, expressive, attractive, and unconventional. An unusual combination of fonts shows that its owners want to show the product’s face, so the buyer subconsciously tunes in to the right choice.

Bed Bath and Beyond: Brand overview

Founder:Warren Eisenberg, Leonard Feinstein
Union, New Jersey, U.S.
Bed Bath and Beyond is a large US retail chain that has been operating since 1971. It offers a wide range of home furnishings for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, outdoor seating areas, gifts, home decor, etc. Its structure includes many stores covering 1460 locations in 50 states. In addition, the company has offices in Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The head office is located in Union, New Jersey. The founders of the brand are Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein.

Meaning and History

Bed Bath and Beyond Logo History

The beginning of this trading network was laid by financial difficulties. But not her own, but the ones from the discount stores called Arlan. Two senior employees noticed that the commercial market was shifting toward the complex point of sale, so they decided to quit and start their own company. As a result, they have their structure. It was a Bed’n Bath store in Springfield, New Jersey.

The network expanded rapidly, and in 1985 it had 17 outlets in New York and California. At the same time, the first Bed Bath and Beyond supermarket opened, which competed with older brands: Luxury Linens, Pacific Linen, and Linens’ n Things. And two years later, the company changed its old name to a new one (in 1987). In 1991, she opened seven more complex stores. It went public in 1992 and switched to computer control in 1993 to outperform others in the market.

During the development of Bed Bath & Beyond, he founded several own brands, grouping them by direction. They offer a variety of products – from household items to luxury interior decorations. All centers are presented under a single sign that adorns supermarkets in the US and beyond. They are recognizable by a modest but stylish inscription, which simultaneously serves as a name, an advertising object, and a personal label. In total, there are six logos in the history of this company.

What is Bed Bath and Beyond?

Bed Bath and Beyond is a large commercial retail chain offering a huge range of products for the home. She works in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico, where she represents several brands in different directions. The head office is located in Union, New Jersey. The founders of the company are Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein. It has been in existence since 1971.

1971 – 1976

Bed 'n Bath Logo 1971

The earliest emblem is notable for its unpretentious design. It features the words “bed’n bath” in italics. The first letters in them are uppercase; the rest are lowercase. The minimalist design allows you to immediately focus on the main thing – the store’s name since, at that time, the logo was used as a sign above the main entrance. All symbols are black and bold and consist of a combination of wide stripes with thin transitions between segments. Below is the motto of the trading network: “A new kind of store.” The text is on a white background.

1976 – 1980

Bed 'n Bath Logo 1976

This version is even more minimalistic: it contains nothing but the title in bold grotesque. The letters are streamlined, smooth, and even elongated vertically. Moreover, the designers made “b” and “d” identical as possible, as if they were the same sign in a mirror image. They, like “a,” have round outlines, resembling rings. “n” and “h” are also similar to each other: they lack side elements, so they look like inverted brackets. Both words are pushed close to each other: separated only by the apostrophe located at the top. The color scheme is still monochrome.

1980 – 1984

Bed 'n Bath Logo 1980

For four years in a row, this American retail chain has used a slightly updated emblem. The changes affected only the thickness of the characters (they became bold) and their height (now the characters are stretched vertically). Letter spacing has been reduced.

1984 – 1988

Bed 'n Bath Outlet Logo 1984

The developers added a third word to the existing inscription – “outlet.” Like the first two, it was lowercase, black, and rounded.

1988 – 1991

Bed Bath & Beyond Logo 1988

In 1988, the retail store chain adopted an updated logo based on the modernized name. The word “Beyond” appeared in it, which replaced “outlet.” From now on, the brand name began to be written in bold letters in upper case. The only exception was the addition: it was made in italics and was not located directly but diagonally. The monochrome is preserved.

1991 – today

Bed Bath and Beyond Logo

In the current logo, the key emphasis is on the last word in the brand name – “Beyond.” It is large – with a gradual increase from “B” to “D,” so the first letter is half as large as the last. At the same time, “Bed Bath” and the ampersand are made in the same thin lines. The name of the commercial network is ungrouped into two lines and aligned on both sides. The color scheme, in this case, has become “more cheerful”: it is lilac.

Font and Colors

Bed Bath and Beyond Symbol

What distinguishes the Bed Bath and Beyond logo from those used by competitors is its restraint and informativeness. There are no distracting elements and bright design in the brand identity – everything is as practical, dry, and precise as possible. And this characteristic is inherent in all six variants of the logo. Of course, the modern emblem is more original than the others but minimalistic. She got to color in 1991.

So many logos, so many fonts. This is how you can indicate the trend of the visual identity of this brand. In general, four types of typefaces were used. The early emblem features an antiqua reminiscent of Linotype’s Bodoni Std Bold. Then there was a transition to the grotesque, close to Harry Heavy (developed by the Red Rooster Collection) or Horatio Medium (represented by the ITC studio). The inscription in another logo was typed in a font identical to Zealand Regular (by Hanoded). The modern version uses two typefaces: the top inscription – Futura Pro Medium, and the bottom – Boldstrom Regular from Sharkshock.

The corporate palette, on the contrary, is not diverse and consists of monochrome. In the early versions of the emblem, black on a white background predominates; in the latest, it is lilac in dark and light shades.

Bed Bath and Beyond color codes

Marian BlueHex color:#384a9c
RGB:56 74 156
CMYK:64 53 0 39
Pantone:PMS 7687 C