Best MLB Uniforms Logos

Best MLB Uniforms Logos

The sports uniform today has not only practical and functional significance. In modern professional sports, it carries an aesthetic load, enhances team spirit, and serves as a convenient place for placing a team’s visual identity, shaping its perception as a brand, ensuring an important commercial success for the team. The success of the most spectacular identity directly depends on the quality of the uniform itself, which confirms the rating of the best MLB uniform logos, which provides the necessary distinction between teams and reflects the character and core values ​​of each club.

In the sport of baseball, uniform team uniforms were first adopted by members of the New York Knickerbockers in the early 1800s. It was distinguished by the commonality of style, color, and material. In addition to convenience and practicality, the modern form is characterized by brightness, contrast, and brilliance, which can be “boasted” by the protective headgear of any of the teams. Today, almost every element of such sports equipment bears the main symbol of the team – its logo and emblem, which provides individual visualization and recognition of each club.

30 Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks Uniform Logo

Arizona Diamondbacks has been developing its own visual identity for a long time. Its latest variant is featured on the club’s updated white home and away uniforms, which are gray with a fine texture of herringbone and diagonal lines. The home jersey is made with a thin black line at the edge of the sleeves and the neckline. The text logo – D.BACKS – is applied in the same color, with a thin red border. Letters attract with their performance – the presence of pointed protrusions at the top of the letters, cuts at the letter C, and a lower ledge at the letter K. The away T-shirt also has piping in the neck area and along the edge of the sleeves. The lines are made in two colors – black wide central, distinguished from both sides by thin blue electrics. The text logo – Arizona, like the home logo, is located strictly horizontally on the chest and made in the same font in black, highlighted with a thin red stroke, but additionally underlined with an electric blue stroke.

29 Houston Astros

Houston Astros Uniform Logo

The uniform poppy style of the Houston Astros baseball club’s road and home uniforms ensures that the team is easily recognizable in performances of various directions. The presence of a white T-shirt distinguishes the home version with a thin red trim around the collar, on both sides of the placket, and along the edge of the sleeves. These lines are dark blue on the road version, and the jersey itself is gray. The logos on the chest – Astros, and Houston, are made in the same geometric font in dark blue with a thin red outline and have a curved shape. All letters have cut sharp corners and consist of short straight segments. This design provides ease of reading but does not form a special uniqueness.

28 Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays Uniform Logo

In forming its own identity, the Tampa Bay Rays baseball club has somewhat departed from the traditional, expressing individuality in the choice of colors. The home one is made in a monophonic dark blue color, and the away one is in the now traditional gray. Both jerseys feature the Rays text logo horizontally on the chest, in navy blue with white contrast edging and light blue shading to add volume to the letters. On the letter R, near the junction of the stem and the upper element of the letter, there is a sparkling star with bright yellow rays and a white center. The edging of the collar, placket, and sleeve edges, made on all jerseys, is light blue on the home version and dark blue on the road version.

27 New York Mets

New York Mets Uniform Logo

Like all other teams, the New York Mets baseball club’s uniform is represented by home and away kits. Each of them has its differences that distinguish the team on the playing field. Thin horizontal blue stripes distinguish the home white uniform throughout the jersey. On her chest, the club’s name, the Mets, is inscribed in neat round italics in the dark blue, each letter of which is highlighted with a thin red border, making it easy to read the name from any podium. The name itself is made in the traditional style – with a slight rise to the top and the left. The home shirt is light gray and has a thin dark blue edging along the collar and button placket and at some distance from the edge of the sleeves. Text logo – the name of the team’s city is made in the wishbone style, which many clubs choose to perform their names. All letters have sharp protrusions that attract attention. The letters are highlighted in the dark blue, with a contrasting thin outline in red.

26 Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers Uniform Logo

The American Tigers of Detroit stands out in particular with their sleek and fresh white home uniforms, accentuated with soft blue details. Among the clubs of this sport, it is the simplest, made in a minimalist style. On the home version, the collar and button placket has a trim in this color. The first letter of the club’s name is inscribed in gothic script on the left side of the chest. Her performance is distinguished by some sharpness and brightness of the impact. This is ensured by the elongation of the lines and the sharpness of the endings, which look in contrast to the background of the thin lines of the rim. The road version of the uniform is made in light gray and has only an inscription on the center of the chest of the club’s full name, made in beautiful calligraphic navy blue italics. It is accentuated by a subtle bright red trim, which in turn is framed by a white line. At the same time, the negative space of letters and between them, starting from the letter “t,” is also filled with white.

25 Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers Uniform Logo

The Texas Rangers away jersey is a particularly eye-catchy jersey in a rich, vibrant blue. Against its background, the white text logo looks very impressive – Texas in the original wishbone-style, subtly and stylishly outlined in red, capturing a little of the main blue field. The edge of the sleeves is trimmed with a contrasting combination of two equally sized stripes of white and red. On the left sleeve, the club’s emblem is applied, resembling a white rectangular flag waving in the wind from several sectors in red-blue and white colors and symbols of the club. The first is represented by an inscribed dark blue rectangle, in the center of which is a white five-pointed star. The second is a rectangular shape divided horizontally in half by white and red colors. The home kit is less attractive and looks traditional. On a white jersey with a slight blue tint, the Rangers logo is printed on the chest in round italics with a slight direction to the left and up. All letters are in deep blue with subtle red and white piping. The logo has a lower stroke on the wide and figuratively carved end of which the first letters of the logo rest. The stroke originates from the eye-catching swirl of the final ‘s’ and flows towards the beginning of the logo in a gentle curve. The sleeves are trimmed around the edge in the form of three branded lines – blue, white, and red.

24 Cleveland Guardians

Cleveland Guardians Uniform Logo

Among the uniforms of baseball teams, the equipment of the Cleveland Guardians stands out for its modernity and upscale design. It uses a signature color scheme of traditional white-red-blue hues. The team’s name is printed in the chest area in an oversized custom font in bold red letters with a dark blue border on the white home variant. The shape of the letters is geometric. They consist of many short straight lines connected at different angles. A common graphic design with an underline is used, with a variable size; the right edge goes into the monogram of the lower end of the last letter “s.” It has a sharp left corner, with its apex pointing to the tail of the first letter G. The text is applied with a slight right inclination and a slight right-sided diagonal position relative to the horizontal. The away kit is gray with the name of the club’s city in navy blue gothic with red contrast trim. The text is curved in the middle of the chest. Both types of uniforms have a dark blue thin trim at some distance from the edge of the sleeve.

23 Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds Uniform Logo

The Cincinnati Reds club from the city of the same name is distinguished by the presence of solid red home uniforms for players and light gray away uniforms. Both types of T-shirts have a contrasting trim on the sleeves with light gray and red stripes, respectively. On the red uniform, a part of the club’s name is applied along the chest – Reds in white capital sans-serif type with a lower underline decreasing in thickness, turning into the monogram of the end of the letter “s.” On the right forearm, there is an image of the face of a mustachioed character in a red-striped white hat. The away uniform has an inscription of the city’s name on the chest, made in a lowercase font of equal-sized red letters with a white edging, which provides a contrasting highlight of the logo against the general color background of the uniform.

22 Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals Uniform Logo

Visualization of the Washington Nationals club, presented with the help of sports uniforms for home games and on the road, is traditional in execution. The white home jersey with a slight blue tint and the away gray jersey bear text logos on their chests, made in the same style with its traditional placement with a slight rise to the right, symbolizing the constant desire for victory. The home jersey bears the logo with the word Nationals in italic round sans-serif typeface with oblique cuts on the upper, protruding part of the letters “t,” “l,” as well as the “h” on the away side. The letters N on the home logo and W on the away logo have a similar initial element, and the W is executed with an original attractive loop. Both logos have an underline starting from the last letter and expanding towards the beginning of the words, where a figured cut is made, creating sharp endings. The letters on the home kit are in navy blue with a contrasting thin red border. On the exit – the letters are bright red, highlighted with a white edging. Both T-shirts’ sleeves and collar area along the edge are marked with colored stripes of the corresponding combination of colors – home red and dark blue, and away – a wider dark blue, highlighted on both sides with thin red lines. The left sleeves feature the club’s circular crest, consisting of an inner white circle with a red cursive capital W. This circle is outlined in blue and red, followed by a dark blue circle with a field filled with the club’s full name in white. Small red five-pointed asterisks separate the words. A thin red circle bounds the entire symbol.

21 Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels Uniform Logo

The Angels baseball team from Los Angeles stands out for its bright and powerful uniforms. Like all clubs, it has two of its types – snow-white t-shirts, a home version with thin red trim, and Angel’s inscription in red letters with blue and white edging, creating volume with a gray shadow. And the away one – made in bright red with a white and blue trim, and a logo in the reverse color of the home uniform. In both cases, the logo curved on the chest stands out very well and is distinguished by its flashy execution. The lettering is written in a clear, smooth wishbone typeface with thick main stripes and a few thin, pointed elements. The central figure of the emblem is the first letter of the name, is slightly enlarged compared to the others, and has a gray halo around the top.

20 Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins Uniform Logo

The uniforms of the Miami Marlins baseball team, both for home games and for away games, are original in execution but differ in style. Red body with thin, light blue vertical stripes and light blue club name lettering embossed on the chest in a font specially designed for the team logo. The letters are highlighted with a darker shade of blue to create a three-dimensional effect for better visual perception. At the same time, the lowercase first letter “m” is made larger than the others, and the letter “i” received a small right triangle as the top element. The T-shirt of the main uniform is white with a slight shade of blue. On her chest is the name of the city, represented by the team with an elegantly executed first letter of the name – “M,” with a stylized marlin. It is distinguished by an originally executed outline of two thin lines – red and white, providing an advantageous contrast with the general background of the T-shirt.

19 Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals Uniform Logo

Many sports baseball clubs met the new season with a renewal of their identity. This also affected Kansas City Royal’s identity, significantly improving its visualization. Focusing on the classic design and conciseness of their logo and emblem ensured simplicity and ease of remembering, which means they facilitated recognition. The gray home kit with a rich blue Kansas City logo and the same blue away kit with similar white text look very stylish and attractive. The lettering is curved across the chest using a geometric font whose angularity only adds to the visual appeal. On the gray jersey, the text was created in the color of the away uniform, and on the away jersey, it was created in a strikingly contrasting white. Both jerseys have stripes that are slightly removed from the edge of the sleeves – wide blue on the home side and white on the away side. The home shirt is distinguished by the presence of club symbols on the left sleeve. It is a heraldic shield with a light yellow top resembling a crown and a dark blue lower sector, in which the letters K and C are applied diagonally in white. The coat of arms is highlighted with a thin white outline.

18 Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles Uniform Logo

Like all baseball teams, the Baltimore Orioles have two types of uniforms – for home performances in white and the main away one – in gray. Both are distinguished by the presence of a thin red trim slightly above the edge of the sleeve, which is highlighted above and below by an even thinner black stripe. On the chest of both jerseys, the words that make up the club’s name are applied: on the home – Orioles, on the one used at away games – Baltimore. Both titles are in the same style across the entire upper chest. A sleek, rounded, cursive font has been used that resembles hand lettering. At home, it is larger. All letters are bright red with a thin black border that sets the text apart from the general background and provides it with clear borders. Both titles are made with an underscore that has a cut-off top corner, as opposed to the commonly used sharp one.

17 San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres Uniform Logo

The San Diego Padres uniform is attractive enough. Especially the away one – thanks to the color composition – the original combination of dark brown and light yellow, which was a successful return to the club’s historical past. The T-shirt has thin yellow piping on the neckline and sleeve edges. The San Diego lettering on the chest is executed with a traditional curve in the center, and the outlines of the letters are highlighted with a thin white line. On the left forearm is the symbol of the club – a monk in a game spread, a black cassock with a baseball bat on a yellow field—a round badge with a yellow and black outline. The home jersey is white with dark blue vertical stripes and has a thin yellow-dark brown strip around the neck of the collar and along the edge of the sleeves, which matches the main color of the logo letters and their contrasting outline. The logo is distinguished by the execution of the font, the letters of which have attractive, sharp elements in their upper part. All letters are capital letters of the same size. They are known for their confidence and precision.

16 Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox Uniform Logo

The Chicago White Sox, a baseball club from the city of the same name, has the most recognizable logo and uniform design. The home version is white jerseys with thin black vertical stripes, which on the left side of the chest are covered by a large emblem – the word Sox, cascaded in black from top to bottom. The first letter, “S,” enlarged, with a curled lower ponytail, with a repeat of the upper part, shifted to the left and down. The rest are smaller. Each letter is surrounded by a thin gray outline, contrasting the text against the general background. The font is Gothic. The gray uniform has black lettering along the entire chest – Chicago, in the same black, but in a round italic font with a light gray border. The letters are arranged diagonally from left to right. The T-shirt itself is distinguished by the presence of a wide black stripe along the edge of the sleeves.

15 Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies Uniform Logo

The Colorado Rockies uniforms, while lacking the brilliance of their identity reflected in stylish and modern uniforms, provide an appeal. Her home and away uniforms are decorated in the traditional style. But they have some individual moments. The white with horizontal purple stripes home jersey, and the away jersey carry the Rockies and Colorado text logo on the chest. Made in the same font in the same style and color scheme – black outlines with a white stroke and gray inner filling, the logos have a traditional curvature towards the center. Especially the stunning combination of purple and black, as well as purple and gray, has a particular impact on visual perception.

14 Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Logo

The uniform of the Milwaukee Brewers club is distinguished by the color scheme adopted by the team and the presence on the left sleeve of the away kit jersey of the emblem in the form of a part of the wall made of yellow brick, on which there is a large letter M in dark blue – the color of the road kit, completely repeating the style and execution of the first letter of the name – Milwaukee applied horizontally across the chest. The home kit is snow white with thin blue-yellow stripes along the edge of the sleeves. There is a curving inscription on the chest – Brewers in capital letters in dark blue, to increase contrast and ease of visual perception, trimmed with a thin yellow outline. Here, a large geometric serif font was used. Curvature softens straight strokes and the sharpness of serif angles. The away jersey features bold contrast. On a dark blue background, thin yellow lines are used to decorate the button placket, collar piping, and sleeve edges. This color is used in the emblem and in writing the club’s name on the chest. The italic roman type features slashed rounds that make it more square, forming sharp corners, which especially highlight its last two “her” letters, which are immediately noticeable.

13 Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays Uniform Logo

Athletes of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club, in addition to the text logo, place on their uniforms a graphic emblem in the form of a blue jay’s head, made using a combination of bright blue, red, and white. It is placed on the left side of the chest of each of the T-shirts directly below the last letters of the text. On the blue home kit and the letters of the text, the emblem is highlighted with a white edging, which ensures its better visual perception on a blue background. The home uniform has a common blue background, on which the name Blue Jays is applied, made by a double open outline in white, forming the perception of letter shapes due to the negative space of the background itself. The away jersey is light grey. The word Toronto on it is made in the same font and the same style as the logo on the home page; only the letters are outlined in blue, and the word itself is curved in the middle.

12 Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners Uniform Logo

Another baseball club, the Seattle Mariners, has worked hard on its visuals. An unforgettable impression is formed by the spectacular color combination of dark blue and “sea wave,” in which the logo is made both on the home and away jerseys. The gray color of the latter enhances this effect. Adding to the appeal is the stylized wind rose symbol in a circle, which with its lower beam forms the upper cutout of the letter M in the white home kit logo in the word Mariners or focuses on itself with a white contrasting inner field, located in the middle of the letter S on the away jersey in the word Seattle. Both T-shirts have thin navy blue trim around the collar and the button placket.

11 Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates Uniform Logo

Changes in the identity also affected baseball players’ uniforms from the Pittsburgh Pirates. While retaining the style of writing the name – Pirates, font, and its curvature on the chest of the white shirt for home performances, the team changed the color of the uniform. Home is white, with text in black geometric letters with sharp and right angles in an orange contrast border. The away team has a reverse solid black color. The letters of the word Pittsburgh are formed by a thin orange outline on a black background, which makes the shape elegant and memorable, standing out against the background of the classic identity of other clubs. Both uniforms are trimmed with a black stripe edged on both sides with thin orange around the neck and along the edge of the sleeves. On the left sleeve of the away team, there is the club’s emblem in the form of the head of a one-eyed pirate in orange and black with light gray piping.

10 Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Uniform Logo

The Boston Red Sox home and away uniforms feature a traditional, contemporary cut with color, material texture, and printed logo text. She is one of the most recognizable teams to date, despite the lack of graphics in her visual identity, thanks to the overall sophistication of her appearance. Both uniforms carry the iconic red lettering, effectively highlighted by a thin blue outline – Red Sox on the white home jersey and Boston on the light gray away jersey, which features an attractive small horizontal stripe of its texture. The logos are made in red in a black outline in a wishbone style font; the letters are distinguished by their small but sharp protrusions in strict overall symmetry. The home jersey is highlighted with thin red piping along the button placket and around the collar. Away – the presence of a club emblem on the left forearm in the form of a pair of red knitted socks.

9 Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies Uniform Logo

Baseball club – Philadelphia Phillies recently appeared before the fans in their new stylish and progressive uniforms in classic street-casual. Her color palette of blue-burgundy and white reflects confidence and calmness, elevating the created image. White home shirt with thin vertical burgundy lines all over to make the players stand out on the pitch. On the entire chest – from left to right, the name Phillies is horizontally applied (as on the away kit), made in burgundy. The font is calligraphically italic, in which the dots above the “i” are executed in the form of blue five-pointed stars, which dilutes the composition, making it more catchy and memorable. The away kit is completely burgundy. For this reason, the burgundy text logo is highlighted with a thin white border, providing a clear visual definition of each letter.

8 Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins Uniform Logo

The use of a custom font for the logo in the design of the Minnesota Twins sports uniform makes it special, highlighting it from the general background. The club has white home shirts with the word Twins printed in bold sans-serif, which highlights the slight curve of the upper horizontal bar of the letter “T” and the softness of the corners in the execution of all letters in deep navy blue with red edging to distinguish it. The underline in the logos of both T-shirts is significantly shorter than in the traditional versions and has no connection with the letters of the logo. This design forms a sleek and confident modern identity. The away version is deep blue with the word Minnesota written across the chest with a slight lift up in bright red lettering with white trim. On the left shoulder of each of their jerseys, the club emblem with the Twins name in red and blue is applied through a round element with a white field.

7 Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves Uniform Logo

The Atlanta team representing the local baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, has an original visual identity featured on its uniform. It is represented by a bright red text logo based on a stylish, bold italic red font, highlighted with a thin black outline and the original emblem. The latter depicts a red hammer with a triangular pommel and an elongated handle. These two elements are connected by a decoratively intertwined yellow rope, which creates an additional visual highlight. The saturation of the composition with the effective highlighting of the red letters of the text blocks on both T-shirts with contrasting thin black outlines makes it even more attractive. Each graphic element on the home and away uniforms provides stability and confidence to the entire visualization while drawing attention to traditional elements. The home jersey is white, and the away jersey is grey. Both have thin red trim with black piping around the collar and placket and some distance from the edge of the sleeves.

6 Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs Uniform Logo

The uniform of the Chicago Cubs baseball players is considered one of the most attractive due to its bright logo, which is presented on the jersey of the home uniform. A white T-shirt with vertical thin blue stripes immediately stands out against the general background. The visual impact is enhanced by the round-shaped sign on the left side of the chest, applied over the stripes. Attractiveness is provided by the composition and color scheme, consisting of red-blue-white flowers. In the inner white space of the blue circle, repeating its shape, a large letter “C” is drawn in red, from the center of which comes a combination of smaller letters – “ubs,” of the same color, but in a heavy and stable font. The thickness of the letter C and the blue outer circle are the same. The design of the gray away kit is less diverse. On the chest, the word Chicago is applied in blue lowercase letters of the same size, in an arched shape. All letters are highlighted with a thin white outline to increase readability and improve visual perception.

5 San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants Uniform Logo

The uniforms of San Francisco Giants baseball players have their cardinal differences in the design of the home and away uniforms. Both T-shirts differ in the main color – home – cream, away – gray. Each of them has a text logo on the chest, made in the same dark blue font with a red border, with the characteristic sharp elements inherent in gothic fonts. This gave the logo some heaviness. On the home uniform, the jersey has red and blue stripes around the collar and along the edges of the sleeves. Away – with thin stripes on the collar and placket. Slightly above the edge of the sleeves, a thin blue stripe is applied, framed by two thinner red ones, as on the home version.

4 Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers Uniform Logo

Another baseball team from Los Angeles, the Dodgers club, leads the list of the best logos on the uniforms of MLB members. On the chest of the white home jersey and the gray one from the away kit, elements of the club’s name are applied in rich, even blue font. At home – Dodgers, on the road – Los Angeles. Texts are placed with some rising to the left. Each of them has an underscore with a stroke going from right to left from the tip of the last letter to the first capital. The thickness of the line increases towards the end, which has a figured cutout that creates sharp tips. The font is bold, with every detail perfectly balanced. The balance was ensured by the thoughtfulness of the roundings and the sharpness of the elements of the letters. The rounded “S” tail and the design of the large A and L letters provide a special appeal. The blue color emphasizes the elegance of the workmanship.

3 New York Yankees

New York Yankees Uniform Logo

The New York Yankees brand is loved by fans not only for their great game. Its iconic abbreviation in the form of intertwined N and Y attracts special attention and is recognizable worldwide due to its “oriental” design. White, with light blue and thin vertical stripes, the home kit with an emblem on the left chest, and the gray away kit with a logo in the form of a text element, the New York names immediately catch the eye on the playing field. All logos are made in the primary colors of the club – white (contrasting edging of the text) and blue (sign and font of the logo). The uppercase sans-serif is particularly suited to the minimalist style of the logo. The away uniform has an element that distinguishes it in the form of three stripes – two wide dark blue and white separating them, somewhat thinner, along the edge of the sleeves. The club uniform has a modern look and style.

2 St.Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals Uniform Logo

The St.Louis Cardinals, an MLB baseball team, stand out for their ornate uniforms with their catchy identity’s bright red and yellow elements. On the chest, both types of uniforms – home white and light blue- have an image of two bright red birds located on the edges of a light yellow baseball bat. This combination of colors creates a pleasant and cheerful mood, making the emblem attractive and memorable. The badge is placed above the text logo – in the home uniform above the word Cardinals, where the top scroll of the first capital C encloses the bat’s top. The letter S is also used in the away version. Both names are written horizontally on the chest in a bright red round font, made in soft and elegant italics, attracting attention with a slight curvature and elongation of the letters. All letters are highlighted with a thin blue border, which on the exit version smoothly turns into a shadow that creates the volume of the letters. The letters C and L have elongated lower tails, emphasizing 1-2 subsequent letters from below. The away jersey has a trim on the edge of the sleeves, a button placket, and a collar junction with a thin red line.

1 Oakland Athletics

Oakland Athletics Uniform Logo

The Oakland Athletics uniform features the traditional MLB baseball logo design, representing the club’s name and its city using fonts. T-shirts for home equipment and away equipment are distinguished by their colors. The home uniform is white; the away uniform is a rich green. On both, the text is written across the chest with a slight rise upwards, in a stylish capital font that has an underline with increasing width, going from the end of the last letters to the beginning of the words. Its sharp ending is formed with the help of a curly neckline. The text for the Athletics home kit is dark green with a subtle bright orange border that makes it stand out. Especially attractive is the large letter A, made with a short stroke and a curl in the upper part, and the letter “t” with a beveled top. The away uniform is embellished at the bottom of the sleeves with a thin white stripe flanked at the top and bottom by two wider orange stripes. The logo, which consists of the word Oakland, is in the style of the home uniform. But its main color is white.