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BharatBenz: Brand overview

In 2008, German multinational corporation Daimler AG formed a joint venture with India’s Hinduja Group to produce commercial vehicles.

This partnership was realized in February 2011 when Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd (DICV) was formally incorporated. Later, in September of the same year, DICV introduced the BharatBenz truck brand designed specifically for the Indian market. The brand name signaled the company’s deep connection with India.

In 2012, the first BharatBenz heavy truck model, the BharatBenz 4923, was launched. It was built at the newly erected DICV plant in Oragadam.

By 2014, BharatBenz had expanded its portfolio to include a full lineup of trucks. This included medium-duty, heavy-duty, and construction vehicles, cementing its presence in the market.

In 2015, BharatBenz ventured into bus manufacturing for diversification. The company started manufacturing intercity buses and personnel buses, which further expanded the model range.

By 2017, BharatBenz had gained a significant market share with more than 100,000 trucks sold and accounted for more than 6% of India’s heavy truck sales.

A year later, in 2018, BharatBenz achieved another milestone by opening its 500th customer service outlet. This enabled the company to expand its sales and service network across India.

Today, BharatBenz continues to operate exclusively in the Indian market as the only Daimler truck brand specifically designed for the country. Their vehicles are meticulously designed to suit the Indian terrain and operating conditions.

Daimler’s investment in DICV and the BharatBenz brand exceeded €500 million, making it the German conglomerate’s most significant financial investment in India.

Meaning and History

BharatBenz Logo History

2011 – today

BharatBenz Logo

The Indian bus and truck brand chose the round logo because it resembles the two most important parts of any vehicle: the wheel and the steering wheel. Its center is black, surrounded by a wide gray ring. Across the emblem, the brand name is written in a relaxed style but with visual emphasis on each part: the word “Bharat” is in thin font, and “Benz” is in bold. Otherwise, they are similar. They have the same style and identical letter shapes: uppercase, wide, sans serif. The circle has a silver border with four tire tread marks resembling grain stalks.

The logo is a kind of mixture of old and new. The round shape is reminiscent of the classic steering wheel and tire, the basic elements needed to drive any car. But the way the name is written kind of hints at what’s inside: two different styles, yet perfectly blended together. Tire tread marks that look like stalks of grain. It’s as if the hustle and bustle of the road and the tranquility of nature have mingled.