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The Bowler logo shows how real competition kings are born. The emblem shows the freedom, speed, and beauty of machines. The sign conveys endless growth opportunities and the road to the future.

Bowler: Brand overview

Founder:Andrew Bowler
Belper, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom

Bowler is an English manufacturer of off-road racing vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover has owned them since 2019. The Bowler logo combines the ARC, Tomcat, Wildcat, Bulldog, and Nemesis models.

Bowler and Land Rover are inextricably linked. The company’s founder created SUVs, transforming the cars of the concern. In 2011, after the transition of Bowler to CPP Global Holdings, the designer received direct access to Rover factory parts and documentation. And in the year of the death of the permanent director in 2016, the giant bought a sports car manufacturer.

Meaning and History

Bowler Logo History


The company logo points to the winner and links the brand with cars and roads. An elegant arc with an inscribed name is simple and concise.

The name of the brand comes from the name of the founder – Andrew Bowler. It means “pot” in translation. The hat received the name of the creators, so the world may owe the famous headdress to Andrew’s ancestors.

What is Bowler?

A division of Jaguar Land Rover headquartered in Belper that builds sports cars based on the chassis of the brand owner, valued at up to 155,000 euros.

Interestingly, Thomas and William Bowler initially devised a hat for foresters to travel through the impenetrable forest. And another representative of the family created cars that move off-road.

Andrew, being deeply passionate about racing, developed sports cars for competition. Behind the wheel of his creations since 1984, he was in the top five. The designer subtly felt that it was necessary to improve and refine for an ideal result. Therefore, the surname of the master is immortalized in the name of the brand quite deservedly.

The capital letter word is like a big car pulling out of the garage onto the highway. His characteristics are powerful, his performance is maximum, and it is dangerous to compete with him. From model to model, the capabilities of the machines grew. If the Wildcat had 218 horsepower, then the Nemesis had 510, and the Nemesis EXR-S had 550.

A graceful unfinished oval represents the roads along which the brand’s cars rush. SUVs of the brand participate in rallies and road races. The image seems to be approaching from afar and turns from one line into a full-fledged highway with a white dividing line in the center. And then it moves away, becoming a line on the horizon again.

The oval shape conveys harmony, and incompleteness opens up opportunities for growth and the emergence of new models. Starting with 5 ARC cars in 4 years, Andrew has built 400 Tomcats over the next 12 years.

Font and Colors

The black color in the logo indicates brutality, strength, and masculinity. Only powerful cars can participate in offroad racing. And Bowler cars shine in the most difficult and grueling Paris-Dakar and Rally of the Pharaohs.

Title font OL Newsbytes Black. The increased letter spacing conveys the size of the cars.

Bowler color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C