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The logo of Canon, a Japanese optomechanical and electronics company, is based on the concept of the goddess Canon. The leading brand in its field uses a recognizable and concise logo that needs no explanations or additional visual support.

Canon: Brand overview

Founded: 10 August 1937
Founder: Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida, Takeo Maeda
Ōta, Tokyo, Japan
Canon is the largest multinational company that manufactures photo and video cameras, printers, diagnostic equipment, and optical instruments. She has successfully mastered the market of electronics, office, and household appliances. It received its current name in 1969, and before that was known as Canon Camera Co. Inc., Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, and Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd.

Meaning and History

Canon Logo History

The Canon logo has evolved several times. The developers changed the font and color, leaving only the general concept.

What is Canon?

Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, engaged in manufacturing lenses, cameras, scanners, semiconductors, medical equipment, printers, and production devices. It was founded in 1937 under the name Precision Optical Industry Co., which was changed after ten years.

1934 – 1937

Kwanon Logo 1934-1937

The first company logo contains many small details. It depicts the multi-armed goddess Kwanon, who is believed to help people. She sits in a lotus position inside a burning black ring. Above is the word “CAMERA,” and below is “KWANON.” The name of the mythological creature is written in fiery letters.

1934 – 1935

Kwanon Logo 1934-1935

The artists kept the word “Kwanon,” removing all other elements. To make the logo attractive, a curly handwritten font was used.

1935 – 1953

Canon Logo 1935-1953

In 1935 the first Canon logo appeared. It was developed by a graphic designer who was involved in advertising brands.

1953 – 1956

Canon Logo 1953-1956

Typographers have made the lines thicker and the type more confident. Now the word stands out noticeably.

1956 – today

Canon Logo 1956-present

In 1956, the company introduced a red version of the emblem. It is based on a modified 1935 logo.

Font and Colors

Canon Emblem

Canon is the foundation of the brand’s visual identity. This word was coined from the name of the goddess of mercy Kwanon, who served as the basis for the modern brand concept. Designers opted for typographic design, avoiding hand-drawn elements.

Canon Symbol

Exclusive logo font designed by Italian Gio Fuga. It is characterized by small sharp serifs at the top of the letters, rounded shapes, and uneven line thickness. The chamfered letter-space gives the impression that the “O” is tilted to the left.

There are two versions of the palette: red and white as the main and black and white as a secondary. They are used equally depending on the color of the context space. Red symbolizes determination and determination, embodying Canon’s core values ​​, which is why the designers chose it.

Canon color codes

Safety Red Hex color: #bf1920
RGB: 191 25 32
CMYK: 0 87 83 25
Pantone: PMS 485 C