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The emblem exudes tenderness and dreaminess. Through the Capri Sun logo, the company focuses on a children’s audience. For the younger generation, the company produces only safe, purified drinks.

Capri Sun: Brand overview

Founder:Capri Sun Group Holding
Capri Sun is a brand of fruit drinks made from concentrated juices. Today there are about 40 flavors. The brand also produces a range of sports, flavored water Roarin’ Waters, refreshing drinks, Island Refreshers, and 100% juices. The “drinking empire” belongs to Capri Sun Group’s private company, headquartered in Switzerland. Brand products are sold in more than 100 countries. Distribution in Europe is handled by Coca-Cola in the US by Kraft Heinz.

Meaning and History

Capri Sun Logo History

Capri Sun’s story begins in Germany in 1969, when Rudolf Wild (Wild), founder of Zick-Zack Werk Rudolf Wild, a nutritional supplement company, introduced the Capri-Sonne orange drink. Wild saw the company’s main mission in the promotion of natural products and the rejection of the use of chemicals. Therefore, the new drink had a useful composition, which was reflected in the creation of the logo.

1978 – 1981

Capri Sun Logo 1978

Capri-Sonne was successful, so production gradually spread to Switzerland and the United States. Rudolf’s son, Hans-Peter, joined the family business. Thanks to Hans, the company became the international corporation Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co, and the name of the drink for the foreign market was transformed into Capri Sun. Under this name, he debuted in the US in 1978 and received his first logo.

The drink’s name on the emblem consists of two words, written with a hyphen: Capri and the sun. They create an association with relaxation, fun, and warmth. The sunny Italian resort of Capri has been a holiday destination for celebrities and royalty for many years. This is a real paradise for tourists. And the sturdy packaging in which the drink is produced allows you to take it with you on vacation.

The name Capri Sun in the emblem is written in soft, rounded letters, reminiscent of the shape of oranges and the sun. The white color of the inscription indicates the absence of synthetic compounds in the drink, and the orange shadow is another indication of the heavenly body and the sweet fruit.

Packaging and logo options for overseas audiences continued to be tested. And three years later, a new final version appeared, which lasted almost 20 years.

1981 – 2000

Capri Sun Logo 1981

Since 1981, Capri Sun has been actively distributed throughout the United States, beginning to be shipped to Asia and Africa with a new word logo. On it, the brand name has an interesting style, in which the bottom of the letters creates an arc as if located on top of the sun. Below, on an airy pale yellow ribbon, there is an inscription about the naturalness of the drink, which reflects the main idea and goal of the company. The logo has a blue sky background. And the main inscription is white as a cloud. The overall concept of the emblem should convey a feeling of heaven, relaxation, cleanliness, and tranquility. In addition, blue and white in the logo indicate that pure spring water is used for production.

2000 – 2003

Capri Sun Logo 2000

The logo becomes more minimalistic. The blue sky remains only in the stroke of the white letters of the name. The tape also disappears. Instead, an asymmetrically located inscription is added: All NaturaL in a delicate yellowish hue, as a hint of sweetness, lemons, oranges, and the sun. The capital letters at the beginning and the end of the word NaturaL further emphasize naturalness from the first to the last ingredient.

2003 – 2014

Capri Sun Logo 2003

The company launches multivitamin drinks and 100% apple juice. This is reflected in the logo. It loses its gentle tones. But there are more associations with the sky, the sun, and rich, bright tastes. The shadow of the letters becomes sky blue, the stroke is blue, and the inscription about naturalness is located on a bright yellow ribbon. The logo gives a holiday feeling, and the hot sun speaks of ripe fruits concentrated drinks.

2014 – 2018

Capri Sun Logo 2014

In 2010, KKR became Hans-Peter’s partner, and in 2014 they sold part of the business, leaving Capri Sun production to themselves. In the same year, the drinks container was changed – it acquired a transparent bottom. All this led to changes in the logo. It only has the brand name on it. It has slightly blurred blue-blue contours, giving the impression of a transparent floating cloud. The information about naturalness was removed, apparently due to consumer complaints about the high sugar content in drinks, the small amount of juice, and the detection of food mold.

2018 – today

Capri Sun Logo

The brand sells 250 million packs annually, reaching heavenly heights. The new drinks logo has a soft blue background associated with the sky and seawater. The name of the brand is written on it in white flowing letters. In general, the logo creates a feeling of childhood. There is a slight association of flowers with the lakes of Switzerland.

Font and Colors

Capri Sun Emblem

Despite the “sunny” name, the brand’s main colors are blue and white. This is the sky and clouds, but the sunlight, as planned, is inside the package. In addition, white is an indication of naturalness, and blue indicates a creative approach to creating drinks, as evidenced by the wide choice of flavor variations of Capri Sun. Cronos Pro Display Bold logo font.

Capri Sun Symbol

Capri Sun color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00a6f4
RGB:0 166 244
CMYK:100 32 0 4
Pantone:PMS 299 C