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Carfax: Brand overview

Carfax, a renowned provider of automotive history reports, began in Columbia, Missouri, in 1984. Robert Daniel Clark and Evin Barnett co-founded it to provide car dealers with vehicle history information. This information was obtained from state registration records and automobile auctions, providing valuable insight into a vehicle’s past.

After two years in business, in 1986, Carfax introduced its main product, the Carfax Vehicle History Report. This report allowed potential buyers to scrutinize the history of used cars, including details such as previous accidents, owner information, and service histories.

In the 1990s and 2000s, as the Internet became widespread, Carfax took the opportunity to expand and diversify its database. This was accomplished by incorporating additional sources of information, including police records and insurance company data, which increased the completeness and reliability of the reports.

Important milestones in Carfax’s history were the launch of in 1996 and the integration of Canadian data in 2000. By 2007, the company had processed 100 million reports, demonstrating its growing influence in the automotive industry.

The further expansion of Carfax’s reach has been made possible through strategic partnerships with prominent websites and companies in the automotive sector. These partnerships have enabled Carfax’s vehicle history reports to be seamlessly integrated into various listings and transactions, increasing transparency and trust in the car buying process.

An important development in 2019 was Carfax’s acquisition of rival AutoCheck from Experian. This acquisition expanded Carfax’s information resources and strengthened its position as a leading authority on automotive information.

Today, the company’s reach includes reports on more than one billion vehicles, and its database has more than 25 billion vehicle history records collected from more than 100,000 different sources. Headquartered in Centreville, Virginia, Carfax is dedicated to promoting informed used car buying and ownership through specialized vehicle data services.

Carfax’s evolution is a testament to its successful adaptation to technological advances and changing consumer needs, focused on bringing transparency and trust to the used car market. Its legacy continues to define how buyers, sellers, and industry participants navigate the complexities of automotive history.

Meaning and History

Carfax Logo History

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2001 – today

Carfax Logo

Respect for themselves and their customers is what Carfax has captured in their logo. They care so much about their assets and chattels that they have carefully placed each letter in separate squares. These squares combine to form a rectangle outlined by a thin border. The glyphs are white on a black background and black on a white background. The letters are large, bold, uppercase, block letters. The last letter, “X,” is positioned slightly below the others but remains within its square. Below the rectangle is another line labeled “Vehicle History Reports” in bold, straight-style lettering.

The fact that each letter has its own square allotted to it seems to give them room to breathe. The letter “X” is positioned a little lower, which makes it interesting, as if it has its own meaning but still fits in. And the “Vehicle History Reports” line at the bottom? It’s similar to the tagline, but it remains simple, telling you right away what the company does without saying too much.