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The updated Carling logo symbolizes the unity of the deservedly old and the promising new in modern design. It ensures the formation of brand recognition, its external attractiveness, and differentiation from competing products.

Carling: Brand overview

Founder:Molson Coors (since 2005)
London, Upper Canada
For 30 years now, the Carling beer brand has been the best-selling British beer worldwide and ranks among the top ten oldest and best in the beer industry. Its history began in 1818 when an ordinary English farmer, Thomas Carling, started brewing beer at home using his father’s recipe, who invented unique beer yeast hops (now called Carling). The beer had a pleasant, balanced taste and was popular in Eastern British Canada. Today, this city is called London. Thomas built his first factory in 1840, marking the birth of the brand. In 1878, the company built the largest six-story factory in Europe, but it burned down a year later, leading to the decline of the beer business. After the death of one of the founder’s sons, Canadians bought the company and successfully developed it until 1950, when the Carling brand returned to Great Britain. A new business boom began. Today, Molson Coors Beverage, which owns the Carling trademark, has breweries in 14 countries, ranking 7th in the world in terms of its product sales volume.

Meaning and History

Carling Logo History

What the original Carling logos looked like is unknown, as there is no visual information. It is only known that in Canada, it bore the name and image of a lion sculpture from Westminster Bridge in London, symbolizing the brand’s British origin.

What is Carling?

It’s a manufacturing company that is part of Molson Coors. Its main products are beer, lager, and cider.

the 1990s – 2011

Carling Logo 1990s-2011

The logo is a simple diagonal rectangle. It contains only one word – “Carling.” It’s in white, augmented with shadows, giving it a three-dimensional look. Each letter has a golden outline on the bottom and left, separated from the main character by a thin black line. This visually expands the symbols, adding a 3D effect. Above and below the inscription are two elongated red triangles with extremely sharp angles. The main background of the logo is black.

2011 – 2017

Carling Logo 2011-2017


In the next redesign, the beer brand decided to move away from the emblem’s massiveness and chose a radically opposite design – light and airy. The logo features a crest with wheat ears, a hop cone, and two heraldic lions standing on either side, placing their paws on a miniature shield. The brand name is in the center. The word “Carling” is black and simple, with small one-sided serifs on the left. Below it is a red line, and even lower, a place from which thin grey stripes radiate upwards. The branding also indicates the year the brewery was founded.

2017 – today

Carling Logo 2017-present

Leading design agency BrandOpus was invited to create the new logo. They started by creating an exclusive custom font called Regular Carling. The development was based on Trade Gothic Bold Condensed # 20, which was used in previous versions of its writing.

The background of the new logo is white, with the company name written in black letters at the bottom. Above it is a black parallelogram with a twisted red corner. These are the company’s corporate colors. Moreover, the white, silver, and gold emblem in the shape of a lion’s head is still used on the cans.

The new logo is very elegant and modern and is among the best designs of the last decade.

Carling: Interesting Facts

Carling is a famous beer many people in the UK like to drink. It started long ago in Canada but found a special place in British pubs.

  1. Starting in Canada: Thomas Carling made the first Carling beer in 1840 in Ontario, Canada. It began as a small brewery making ale, but then they started making lager, which became popular.
  2. World War II: British soldiers in Canada liked Carling Lager during World War II. When they returned to the UK after the war, they wanted to keep drinking it, making Carling more popular there.
  3. Moving to the UK: In the 1950s, Carling beer made its way to the UK. It got so popular that they decided to make it right in the UK, too.
  4. Changing the Name: The beer used to be called Carling Black Label, but they changed it to just Carling a while back to make it sound more modern.
  5. Football Sponsorships: Carling has sponsored many football events, even the Premier League, making it even more well-known.
  6. Ads That Stick: Carling had some catchy ads with the line “I bet he drinks Carling Black Label,” which many people remember from the 1980s and 90s.
  7. Music and Events: Carling also got involved with music, sponsoring big music festivals and venues. This helped keep the beer popular among music fans.
  8. Still a Favorite: Although there are many new beers out there, Carling remains one of the top choices in the UK because it’s easy to find and not too expensive.
  9. New Owners: Over time, different companies have owned Carling. It’s part of Molson Coors, a big company making beer in Canada and the US.

Carling’s story shows how it moved from being a small Canadian beer to a big favorite in the UK, staying popular through all kinds of changes in the beer world.

Font and Colors

Carling Emblem

While the text and graphic parts used to be combined, they are now separate. The inscription and the drawing do not overlap – they are divided. At the top is a black rectangle with a “bent” corner; below is the brand name. Thus, the designers combined the old and the new, as the geometric figure runs diagonally (as before), and the word is made in a smooth font (as now).

Carling Symbol

The London-based design bureau BrandOpus, entrusted with updating the logo, created an individual font, Carling Regular. It is based on the font Trade Gothic Bold Condensed. The brand emblem’s corporate colors are black, gold, red, and gray.

Carling color codes

Harvard CrimsonHex color:#c5001e
RGB:197 0 30
CMYK:0 100 85 23
Pantone:PMS 3517 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#222126
RGB:34 33 38
CMYK:11 13 0 85
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C


What does the Carling logo represent?

The logo contains the brand name written in Regular Carling font. Above the black word is the same black parallelogram with one bent red corner. The quadrilateral is placed diagonally.

What font is used in Carling?

The current brand font is called Regular Carling. BrandOpus created it based on the font Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20.

Why is the beer called Carling Black Label?

Black Label beer is so named because, as part of the rebranding, the Carling company decided to shorten its previous name, Black & White Lager. The word “Black” refers to the drink’s color, and “Label” indicates that it is a separate brand.

How to claim Carling Golden in 2021?

To find a golden Carling can with a ticket under the lid, you need to buy promotional packs of beer in retail stores. Everyone has a chance, but the time is limited – the promotion is only valid until the end of 2021.