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This brand has a very good-natured visual identity: Carl’s Jr. chose a cheerful and smiling logo. It shows a yellow star standing on a beam as if joyfully bouncing on one leg. In this way, the fast food chain conveys a great mood after visiting its restaurants, the highest quality of service, and dishes. The name is cursive, with an imitation of individual handwriting.

Carl’s Jr: Brand overview

Founded:July 17, 1941
Founder:Carl Karcher, Margaret Karcher
Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.

Carl’s Jr. is a group of chain fast food outlets, a subsidiary brand of CKE Restaurant Holdings Corporation. He appeared in 1941 and sold barbecue, the main dish on the menu. This American franchise has grown to over 3,660 locations spanning 38 countries and 44 states across the United States. Its founder is the Karcher family.

The company started with a $311 loan that Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret borrowed to set up their diner. Adding $15 per Plymouth they sold, they bought a cart that sold hot dogs, tamales, chili dogs, and soda on a Los Angeles street. Their marketing was weak and consisted only of personal charm and delicious food. In any case, entrepreneurs opened four more tents despite the lack of glorious advertising. They didn’t have a fun logo even after moving to the state of California (in the city of Anaheim), where they founded their first restaurant. This happened in 1945.

Meaning and History

Carl's Jr. Logo History

What is Carl’s Jr?

Carl’s Jr. is a subsidiary brand of CKE Restaurant Holdings Corporation and an international chain of fast food establishments. She started selling hot dogs in 1941 and now focuses on barbecuing. The Karcher family founded it, a former Carl driver with his wife, Margaret. The first branded restaurant with this name appeared in 1956; until then, it was street tents and several city eateries.

The short name and friendly logo of Carl’s Jr. originated in 1956. It was a smiling star with a hot dog and a glass, joyfully jumping from foot to foot in small shoes. Supplement “Jr.” appeared compulsorily. It’s just that after opening two more restaurants, Karcher decided to reduce their name because they were considered a mini-version of their first establishment, Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue. That is, the presence of this particle in the identity is not associated with any family relationship: it is a practical, businesslike approach. In total, the brand has eight emblems.

1941 – 1956

Carl's Drive-In Barbecue Logo 1941

At first, the logo consisted of a high pedestal with a double five-pointed star. Its base contained the parent company’s name: “Carl’s” in a vertical rectangle and “Drive-In Barbecue” in a horizontal trapezoid.

1956 – 1975

Carl's Jr. Logo 1956

The era of a cheerful, friendly star of bright yellow color has come. She was anthropomorphic: the two lower rays were her legs, and the two middle ones were her arms. Her feet were shod in miniature shoes, and in her hands was a large hot dog and a glass with a straw. The company name and promotional information were placed around an asterisk. The colors for the logo were chosen as bright, positive, appetizing, and attractive as possible – yellow and red.

1975 – 1978

Carl's Jr. Logo 1975

The company returned to the theme of the pedestal again and placed a smiling star with a hot dog on an oval geometric figure with a two-level name. Designers made it wide and “shod” it in big boots. She looked friendly, as always.

1978 – 1987

Carl's Jr. Logo 1978

In this version, the pedestal disappeared, and the star became yellow with a red border and rounded rays. The developers moved down the name of the fast food restaurant chain, using the writing style of 1956-1975. The star was located directly, not sideways.

1987 – 2006

Carl's Jr. Logo 1987

The only change was in the inscription. The name was in rounded font with large dots at “a,” “r,” and “J.” The letters “C,” “s,” and “l” got bold serifs. In addition, the designers moved the text to the star’s right.

2006 – 2017

Carl's Jr. Logo 2006

After the rebranding, an additional inscription appeared on the logo: “Charbroiled Burgers.” The designers placed it at the bottom on a separate tape. They tilted the star to the right, connected it with the letter “C,” and added a general red background, for which the edge of the star was outlined in black. Thus, the company showed the brand’s affinity with the parent company CKE Restaurants, and with another of its chains – Hardee’s.

2017 – 2018

Carl's Jr. Logo 2017

This logo was used for only one year. It consisted of a smiling star without a border around the edge. The elements of the impromptu “face” and the name were painted black by the designers, and the red background and eyebrows were removed.

2018 – today

Carl's Jr. Logo

Agency Havas returned the star’s eyebrows and added red elements to her. Because the lines are not connected in a frame, they are perceived as shadows and make the star three-dimensional. In addition, the designers changed the “r” and “s.” Now those lowercase letters look like they’re printed instead of handwritten.

Font and Colors

Carl's Jr. Emblem

The mark dubbed the “Happy Star,” appeared in the logo of Carl’s Jr immediately after the restaurant’s opening. At first, it was cartoony and childish, but then it turned into a symbol of quality – a golden star. She is an integral element of the identity, the result of the efforts made to grow the fast food chain, and an iconic attribute at the level of Golden Arches.

Carl's Jr. Symbol

The custom typeface used in the Carl’s Jr. logo was created specifically for this brand. She is similar in style to TT Polls Script Bold, Ethan Italics, and Kathya Script. However, there are no exact analogs. The title is in italics, reminiscent of handwritten text – neat and elegant. The corporate palette today is bright: it consists of yellow and red. Black is also used, which effectively contrasts with them. Previously, there was also white.

Carl’s Jr color codes

Raisin BlackHex color:#221f1f
RGB:34 31 31
CMYK:0 9 9 87
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C
Sonoran SandHex color:#ffce34
RGB:255 206 52
CMYK:0 19 80 0
Pantone:PMS 7501 C
Medium Candy Apple RedHex color:#d81f32
RGB:216 31 50
CMYK:0 86 77 15
Pantone:PMS 185 C