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“You shouldn’t joke with the amount of tequila you drink!” warns the cocky Cazadores logo. The drink is strong and spicy. It fills with enthusiasm and energy. If you get carried away, the emblem warns, then the cocktail will lead you behind the night lights of signs and discos.

Cazadores: Brand overview

Founder:Jose Banuelos

Cazadores is a premium brand of double fermented, double-distilled tequila made from 100% Weber blue agave. This drink is produced only in Mexico. The recipe was developed by local farmer Jose Banuelos in 1922 and has not changed since then and was awarded five prestigious awards, including the Gold Star of International Quality. It has several varieties that differ in exposure time.

  • Blanco – white tequila. Aged no more than two months from the date of production. It has a mild, rich taste of agave, citrus, and herbs.
  • Reposado – a drink with a year’s exposure. It acquires an oak aftertaste and a yellowish color due to storage in oak barrels.
  • Añejo – aged for over a year. It has a rich woody flavor with a touch of cinnamon and nuts.
  • Añejo Crystal – filtered tequila after two years of storage. Transparent. Bouquet of almond notes.
  • Extra Añejo – three years of aging gives the drink a golden color. Apples, vanilla, and nutmeg dominate the flavor range.

In addition to tequila, under this brand, since 2021, cocktails in cans based on Cazadores Blanco have been produced: Margarita (lime juice, agave nectar, and orange liqueur mixed with tequila), Spicy Margarita (with the addition of jalapeno peppers), and Paloma (tequila, grapefruit soda and lime juice).

Since 2002, the brand has been owned by the Bacardí family trading group.

Meaning and History

Cazadores Logo History

Cazadores starts high in the mountains in Arandas, one of the five states where the drink is produced according to the standard. Blue agave grows in this area, and deer are found. On them, the indigenous peoples hunted, residents and visiting tourists hunted. While relaxing, they drink tequila. Therefore, deer and hunting are inextricably linked with the brand. In Spanish, the name Cazadores means hunters, and a deer is depicted on the drink label.

Until 2014

Cazadores Logo Until 2014

In what year tequila acquired its emblem is unknown. Initially, the brand was little known, remaining the property of the Banuelos family. The drink became more widespread in 1973, when the founder’s grandson, Felix, rebuilt the distillery for modern and large-scale production.

The first logo of the brand is verbal. The name has unusual protrusions on the letters. They are a symbol of the small teeth on the leaves of the agave. But also reminiscent of mountain cliffs, deer antlers, hunting bandolier. Black droplets inside the protrusions symbolize agave juice. Each ledge divides the letter into two parts. Half painted red, half black with red stripes, like a wave of fire rising from below. It creates an association of a shot, a fire, and waves of heat that tequila gives.

2014 – today

Cazadores Logo

The design firm Duffy & Partners from the USA was engaged in developing a new, more modern image. They managed to update the logo while retaining the main message and a hint of the brand’s long history. The lettering of the emblem has changed. They have become much thinner and taller. The color scheme has also changed. Because of the thin yellow stripe in the center of each letter, the inscription seems three-dimensional, like a bas-relief. This strip is reminiscent of threads obtained from agave leaves. And the red and brown areas of the letters create a play of light and shadow. Thorns are still clearly visible on the letters – a sign of the plant’s leaves. However, they have become sharper, like thorns, which even resemble agave.

Font and Colors

Cazadores Emblem

Basic logo color:

  • red – a symbol of fire, strong drink with a bright taste
  • brown – land from agave plantations, mountains, indigenous drink

Cazadores Symbol

In addition, brown is the color of reliability, a century of production experience, and red is a symbol of passion and the high strength of the drink. The font resembles a spiked Bahnschrift Light Condensed.

Cazadores color codes

LustHex color:#e31d1a
RGB:227 29 26
CMYK:0 87 89 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Old BurgundyHex color:#3d2823
RGB:61 40 35
CMYK:0 34 43 76
Pantone:PMS 4975 C
Pastel GrayHex color:#cbc7be
RGB:203 199 190
CMYK:0 2 6 20
Pantone:PMS Warm Gray 2 C