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Cessna is an American airline founded in 1927 by Clyde Vernon Cessna, after whom it was named. It is a subsidiary of Textron Aviation. Cessna specializes in the production of jet aircraft and small aircraft. The number of employees exceeds 9.5 thousand people.

Meaning and History

Cessna Logo History

What is Cessna?

This is one of the largest airlines in the United States, with almost a century of experience in creating jet aircraft.

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level among fans of aviation and flights. During the company’s operation, four versions of the logo were presented on the market. All of them were directly associated with aviation, and therefore Cessna conveyed the emblem of the main task that it sets for itself.

1940 – 1950

Cessna Logo 1940

The first version of the Cessna logo appeared in 1940. It was done in black and white. The brand name used a classic bold serif typeface. All letters were black, and above them were horizontal and diagonal lines, which should be associated with the target audience of the aircraft.

1950 – 1970

Cessna Logo 1950

The first redesign introduced the most iconic Cessna logos to the public. Its basis was a helicopter made from the name of the company. For example, the first “C” is the nose of the helicopter, and the last “A” is the tail. The rest of the symbols were the main part. Propellers, landing gear, and wings, which were above the letters, were created additionally. The entire image was rendered in orange with black outlines. In addition to the main name on the helicopter’s tail, there is also a ribbon with the inscription “Wichita, Kansas.”

1970 – 1992

Cessna Logo 1970

The new logo was based on a swollen red rectangle inside which several elements were. The first is a wordmark with the brand name in a classic bold sans-serif with lowercase blue letters. It was placed inside a light gray rectangle. On top, there was also another deflated rectangle of the same color Inside; there were three triangles on the right side. One of them was red and two blue. They were supposed to be associated with aircraft.

1992 – today

Cessna Logo

The last current redesign was introduced in 1992. He allowed the Cessna logo to be updated to international standards. The changes were because Textron acquired the rights to this company. The basis of the logo was a square, divided by several lines into elements of blue and red. The lines themselves created the silhouette of the aircraft. Globally speaking, the logo looked extremely stylish. Toward the front of the aircraft, the blocks were blue, while the rear was red.

The company name was added at the bottom in black letters using a simple sans-serif typeface. Also, sometimes an additional inscription “Textron Aviation” is added.

Font and Colors

Cessna Symbol

Verbal inscriptions, as a rule, were performed using the classic bold sans-serif type. It is easy to read and looks attractive and confident in the eyes of the target audience.

The company uses a red-blue-white color palette. Thanks to the combination of these colors, it was possible to create a logo associated with the company’s activities. In contrast, the name Cessna is presented in black, indicating the strength and ambition of the project.