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Freshness, dynamism, progress – the Chigo logo has it all. It conveys the key factors of an air conditioning equipment manufacturer to expand its customer base. Simple and clear, the emblem symbolizes reliability and a progressive approach to making appliances.

Chigo: Brand overview

Foshan, Guangdong, China

Chigo is a well-known company specializing in designing and constructing quality air conditioning units (including refrigeration systems). It operates internationally, supplying air conditioning systems to different countries. Currently, Chigo has more than 100 operating enterprises in different parts of the world and more than 45 production facilities in Asian countries.

The corporate identity of one of the world’s largest brands is based on thematic symbols. The logo is based on the company’s name in expressive black letters and a graphic symbol resembling fan blades. Both elements sit on a neutral, balancing white background.

Meaning and History

Chigo Logo History

Chigo is a popular brand that has established itself as a reliable manufacturer with an excellent reputation. It has been supplying the market with quality home appliances for over 20 years, including air conditioners, ovens, and refrigerators. The equipment is valued for durability, performance, and relatively low price. The company’s products are supplied under a stylish modern brand name.

This is a beautiful emblem that combines classics and new trends in brand design. The badge is based on a powerfully stylized inscription, meaning the company’s name. The letters are made in the capital format and are distinguished by straight, strict lines. The design of the inscription conveys confidence, comfort, and reliability. The picture is complemented by a bright element that is associated with a fan. These are three thick strips twisting into a single figure.

What is Chigo?

Chigo is the largest Asian manufacturer of air conditioning systems and home appliances. In addition to air conditioners, the product range also includes ovens and refrigerators created using the latest technologies. The company has more than ten high-tech factories, four general-purpose workshops, and more than 40 assembly lines.

The history of Chigo began the moment when entrepreneur Li Xinghao wanted to create his holding. At that time, he worked in the restaurant business but decided to change his qualifications. As a result, a small enterprise appeared whose specialization was the production of climatic equipment. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and a special approach to production, the brand managed to reach a leading position in a relatively short time.

The visual identity has remained unchanged since the inception of the company. For more than 25 years, Chigo has been operating under a laconic and stylish corporate logo. It favorably emphasizes all the company’s values, reflecting the positive aspects of the business. The emblem itself consists of two elements located on standard white background.

The specified color is often used for brand design, as it reflects the basic principles of any business activity:

  • honesty;
  • transparency;
  • openness.

There is an expressive company name on a neutral background, which is the central element of the emblem. The inscription symbolizes a strong position in the market, elitism, confidence, and stability. The selected color and font style evidence this. The letters are made with massive thick lines without serifs. The inscription is complemented by a graphic element resembling fan blades. This is an additional focus on brand activity.

It is made in the same style as the inscription. The lines are confident and massive, associated with professionalism and high quality. Expressive coloring makes the picture recognizable and expressive. Seeing the logo once, a potential client can easily remember the emblem and quickly recognize it next time.

Font and Colors

Chigo Symbol

Chigo’s corporate identity is a model of style and expressiveness. The logo has a catchy color scheme, complemented by a powerful font. All elements are in balance with each other. The company’s name is made in simple capital letters, in which there are no serifs. The characters show a slight slant, which means the italic format is used.

The classic black color was used for decoration. An inscription made in this style demonstrates stability, reliability, and confidence. The expressive range is complemented by red, symbolizing progressiveness, innovation, and energy. This combination conveys the characteristics of the company. She demonstrates energy and self-confidence.

The overall concept is complemented by a neutral white background that balances all the elements and carries a special meaning. White shows how important honesty and openness are for a company. In addition, white means an impeccable reputation, on which the brand does not stop working.

Chigo color codes

Maximum RedHex color:#e30016
RGB:227 0 22
CMYK:0 100 90 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Eerie BlackHex color:#1b1918
RGB:27 25 24
CMYK:0 7 11 89
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C