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The China Airlines logo is a true work of art. It consists of two parts, which together symbolize the richness of China’s culture and the beauty of its nature. The airline’s name is written in Chinese at the top of the logo, which conveys its historical roots and cultural affiliation. At the bottom, the text CHINA AIRLINES is in upper case, showing strength and reliability. The color of the inscriptions is dark blue, which is associated with professionalism and self-confidence.

Before the inscription is a symbol of a flower, which is the national flower of Taiwan – the beautiful island where the main office is located; the flower, ranging from light red to dark red, symbolizes the beauty and vitality of nature. It reflects the company’s traditional values, such as respect for nature, cultural richness, and quality of service.

The emblem of China Airlines – offers familiarity with the brand and its history, culture, and traditions. It conveys the image of a dynamic, strong, and culturally diverse company that strives to provide the best service to its customers.

China Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 7 September 1959
Founder: China Airlines Group
CAL Park, Dayuan, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Meaning and History

China Airlines Logo History

1959 – 1977

China Airlines Logo 1959

1977 – 1995

China Airlines Logo 1977

1995 – 2011

China Airlines Logo 1995

2011 – today

China Airlines Logo

China Airlines color codes

Space Cadet Hex color: #172a54
RGB: 23 42 84
CMYK: 73 50 0 67
Pantone: PMS 2767 C
Red Brown Hex color: #a90122
RGB: 169 1 34
CMYK: 0 99 80 34
Pantone: PMS 7621 C
Dark Terra Cotta Hex color: #d65568
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS 702 C