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Cinzano Logo
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Cinzano is an Italian brand of vermouth, first introduced in 1757 by two brothers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano Cinzano. Vermouth is available in four versions: Cinzano Rosso, Cinzano Bianco, Cinzano Extra-Seco and Cinzano Rosé. The brand has been owned by Grupo Campari since 1999.

Meaning and History

Cinzano Logo History
Evolution of the Cinzano Logo

The Cinzano logo is bright and fresh. Its silver color lettering contrasts beautifully with the geometry of the red and blue backgrounds. The block letters and the “Z” mark above the rest make the Cinzano logo very recognizable. The silver color is also used for the rounded rectangular logo frame.

The color scheme of the Cinzano logo has not changed much in the entire history of the brand, unlike its symbol. For a considerable period, Cinzano logos have been distinguished by heraldic motifs. Since 1929, his icon was the head of a lion. The lion first looked to the right, to the left, then was redesigned and stylized several times.

The current Cinzano logo represents tradition with a modern twist, as well as the Italian pride that characterizes the brand.

Cinzano emblem