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The Citrix logo is businesslike yet unconventional. It reflects the individuality that the software company engaged in virtualization products aspires to. Being essentially a pioneer in this field, it wants to exhibit its personality in everything, focusing on originality.

Citrix: Brand overview

Citrix Systems is a software company involved in cloud technology, remote collaboration, desktop, and other virtualization issues. It originated in Richardson, Texas, and gradually expanded beyond a single state. Now, its representations are open in California and North Carolina, as well as in Paris, London, and Sydney. Research and development centers operate in the USA and several other countries: the United Kingdom, Greece, Japan, India, and Australia. They are managed from the head office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The founder of the company is an Argentine-American businessman, architectural designer, and virtualization systems pioneer Ed Iacobucci. The company was established in 1989.

Meaning and History

Citrix Logo History

At its inception, the company was named Citrus, like the project for creating a comprehensive multilingual programming environment, which became its base. However, it was later renamed due to the lack of originality in the name: it was too common and found in various fields. An existing company with the same name protested, claiming trademark rights. As a result, the software developer was forced to adopt a new name.

The word “Citrix” is formed from two bases. The first is “Citrus” (the owners still did not completely abandon it, using it in a less recognizable format), and the second is “UNIX” (an operating system). The original version was also preserved because it perfectly aligned with the company’s concept: citrus fruits consist of many independent segments, forming a whole product in a single shell.

What is Citrix?

Citrix (more precisely Citrix Systems) is an American software giant with offices in California, North Carolina, Paris, London, and Sydney, and development centers in the United Kingdom, Greece, Japan, India, and Australia, all managed from the head office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company deals with the virtualization of workspace, desktop, cloud technologies, and remote collaboration solutions, offering corresponding programs and applications. It was founded in 1989 by Ed Iacobucci, one of the pioneers of virtualization.

1989 – 2020

Citrix Systems Logo 1989

The logo included the name set in bold uppercase font. The exception was the lowercase “i”: to better express the ideology of the software developer, they were supplemented with classic dots. To show the concept of a revolution in virtualization, the letters were placed mirror-wise: the first glyph occupied the usual position, while the second was inverted. The upper dot moved down and extended beyond the word’s boundary. At the same time, all symbols were strict, even geometric, and chopped.

2020 – today

Citrix Systems Logo

After modernization, the Citrix logo became softer and lighter. To achieve this, designers reduced the thickness of the lines, converted the letters to lowercase, elongated them upwards, and rounded the ends. The dots on the “i” convey the informal atmosphere: the first glyph’s dot is standard and in its proper place, while the second is moved to the neighboring “x.” As a result, the last symbol in the word looks like a simplified human figure with widely spread legs and raised arms. The dot, in this case, appears as a head. The other letters are even and thin, made in the form of vertically standing sticks, except for the semi-circular “c.” The left part of the crossbar is removed from the “t,” and the “r” is shaped like a cane.

Font and Colors

Citrix Systems Emblem

The inscription style in the Citrix emblem is brand-specific hardware. All letters are thin, smooth, vertical, and lowercase. The early name version was set in a bold font resembling Averta Standard Black, while the later one used thin letters with rounded ends without serifs. The palette is predominantly dark on a light background, as the text is usually set in black characters.

Citrix Systems Symbol