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The channel always follows the events in the world and provides its viewers with only fresh and hot news. The CNN logo demonstrates continuity, working 24 hours a day so that not a single important incident is left behind the scenes.

CNN: Brand overview

Founder:Warner Bros. Discovery
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
CNN is an English-language news network second only to Fox News (in the US) and BBC World News (internationally). The Cable News Network broadcasts encrypted 24 hours a day, filming reports in various parts of the world.

Meaning and History

CNN Logo History

Even those who don’t watch TV know the famous red and white CNN sign. For 40 years, it has practically not changed, except for small experiments with color. The original logo developers wanted to get $ 5,000 for their work, but the company representatives got angry and paid half less.

What is CNN?

CNN is an acronym for the Cable News Network. It is a division of the Turner Broadcasting System and is famous for pioneering the transition to 24/7 broadcasting.

1980 – 1984

CNN Logo 1980-1984

The first logo appeared together with the TV channel. It took just under two days to create it because the CNN owners remembered about it at the very last moment. Anthony Guy Bost of Communication Trends, Inc., an advertising agency, offered several designs to choose from. The news network founder, Terry McGuirk, approved only one option – the black CNN lettering with a white cable that ran through the letters.

1984 – 2014

CNN Logo 1984-2014

In 1984, the logo turned bright red to make the abbreviated Cable News Network stand out on screen.

2014 – today

CNN Logo 2014-present

In 2014, the designers changed the lettering color again, choosing a darker shade of red.

CNN: Interesting Facts

CNN (Cable News Network) is a major American TV channel focused on news and is part of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. Since starting in 1980, it’s become a leading news source globally, known for its round-the-clock coverage and diverse programming.

  1. 24-Hour News: CNN was the first to offer 24-hour news coverage in the U.S., changing how news is broadcast, thanks to its founder, Ted Turner.
  2. Live Reporting: It’s famous for its live coverage of big events, such as being the first to report from Baghdad during the 1991 Gulf War, which significantly raised its profile.
  3. Worldwide Reach: With CNN International launched in 1985, it reaches over 200 countries, providing news with a global perspective.
  4. Online News Pioneer: was launched in 1995 and quickly became a top news website with constant updates and multimedia content.
  5. Award-Winning: CNN has won multiple Emmy Awards for its journalism, including live news, investigative reports, and documentaries.
  6. Unique Shows: Beyond news, it produces popular series and documentaries, like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” attracting viewers interested in culture and travel.
  7. Political Forums: CNN hosts presidential debates and town halls, offering candidates a platform to engage voters during pivotal political moments.
  8. 9/11 Coverage: CNN was among the first to report the September 11 attacks, becoming a crucial information source for people worldwide during and after the event.
  9. CNN Heroes: Since 2007, “CNN Heroes” has celebrated individuals making significant humanitarian efforts, showcasing CNN’s dedication to positive stories and social impact.
  10. Embracing Technology: CNN uses drones, virtual reality, and AI to enhance its reporting, leading to journalistic innovation.

CNN has greatly influenced media, setting high standards in news coverage and journalism ethics. As a pioneer in 24/7 news, it continues to play a crucial role in keeping the public informed about global events.

Font and Colors

CNN Emblem

Anthony Guy Bost relied on minimalism and was not mistaken: CNN representatives did not like complex shapes options. But for all its simplicity, the logo has a hidden meaning. The white line, which goes through the three letters, symbolizes the television cable.

The developer of the logo came up with the design himself, making the inscription solid and flexible. Remarkably, neither the C nor the two NNs have corners or serifs. The abbreviation was black in the original, but now a completely different color is used: Boston University Red (# CC0000).


Who created the CNN logo?

Anthony Guy Bost created the logo. CNN launched on June 1, 1980, and the logo designed by Bost has been in use since then, with only minor changes over the years. This logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the media industry.

Bost designed the logo to be simple and bold, making it easy to identify and memorable. The design features the letters “CNN” in a clean, interconnected style, representing the channel’s continuous news flow. This straightforward and powerful design helped establish the brand’s identity as a leading news network.

Despite small adjustments, the core design has stayed the same. This consistent branding reflects the brand’s commitment to reliable and continuous news coverage.

What font is the CNN logo?

The font used in the logo is a modified version of the Sans-serif typeface called “CNN Sans.” This font was created specifically for the network by the design firm Gotham.

CNN Sans gives the brand a distinct and modern look. The clean lines and simple design make the logo easily recognizable and readable. The modifications to the original typeface ensure the font aligns perfectly with the brand’s identity and style.

Using a custom font helps the brand maintain a consistent and professional appearance across all its platforms.

Why does CNN use red in its logo?

The company uses red in its logo because it demands attention. This color choice helps the brand stand out and shows its role as a leader in the news industry. Red captures viewers’ attention and creates a sense of urgency and importance, fitting for news broadcasting.

Red’s intensity has inspired many brands to use it in their logos. The red logo communicates strength, confidence, and reliability for a brand.

The color enhances the logo’s visibility and memorability, ensuring viewers associate it with trusted news coverage. This use of red supports the brand’s mission to be a leading source of news and information.

What does the CNN logo mean?

The logo stands for the abbreviated name of the American television company Cable News Network. Designed by Professor Anthony Guy Bost from the University of Auburn, the logo is simple yet powerful.

The interconnected letters symbolize the seamless flow of news and information the brand provides. The clean and bold design makes it easily recognizable and memorable, reinforcing the brand’s identity as a leading news network.

Using the abbreviation in the logo ensures that viewers instantly recognize the channel and associate it with trustworthy news reporting. The logo communicates the brand’s commitment to delivering up-to-date and comprehensive news coverage.

What type of logo is the CNN logo?

The logo is a text logo made from a custom font with a graphic-like look. It features the letters “CNN” in bold red, with the letters closely connected in two curved lines that flow seamlessly from one to the next.

This design creates a strong visual identity, making the logo recognizable and memorable. The interconnected letters symbolize the continuous flow of news and information, which is key to the brand’s mission. The red adds visibility and impact, evoking urgency and importance that is fitting for news broadcasting.

The custom font and flowing design give the logo a unique and dynamic look, reinforcing the brand’s identity as a leading and reliable news source.

When did CNN change its logo?

CNN changed its logo from black to red in 1984 to make it stand out more and align with its dynamic presence in the news industry.

The last update to the logo was in 2018. Designers made the red color more intense, giving it a bolder and more vibrant look. This change aimed to increase visibility and impact, showing the brand’s commitment to delivering urgent and important news.

Who owns CNN News?

CNN, the 24-hour news channel, is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, part of the media giant Time Warner. Ted Turner founded and launched the channel in 1980.

Turner Broadcasting System manages the company, and as a division of Time Warner, it benefits from the resources and support of a major media company. This ownership has helped CNN grow and expand its reach across television, online, and mobile platforms.

Ted Turner’s vision of creating a dedicated news channel changed how news was delivered, making the company a leading news source worldwide. The support from Turner Broadcasting System and Time Warner has helped remain a trusted and reliable news source.