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CNN Logo

CNN Logo

CNN is an English-language news network second only to Fox News (in the US) and BBC World News (internationally). The Cable News Network broadcasts encrypted 24 hours a day, filming reports in various parts of the world.

Meaning and History

CNN Logo History
Evolution of the CNN Logo

What is CNN?

CNN is an acronym for the Cable News Network. It is a division of the Turner Broadcasting System and is famous for pioneering the transition to 24/7 broadcasting.

Even those who don’t watch TV know the famous red and white CNN sign. For 40 years, it has practically not changed, except for small experiments with color. The original logo developers wanted to get $ 5,000 for their work, but the company representatives got angry and paid half less.

1980 – 1984

CNN Logo 1980-1984

The first logo appeared together with the TV channel. It took just under two days to create it because the CNN owners remembered about it at the very last moment. Anthony Guy Bost of Communication Trends, Inc., an advertising agency, offered several designs to choose from. The news network founder, Terry McGuirk, approved only one option – the black CNN lettering with a white cable that ran through the letters.

1984 – 2014

CNN Logo 1984-2014

In 1984, the logo turned bright red to make the abbreviated Cable News Network stand out on screen.

2014 – today

CNN Logo 2014-present

In 2014, the designers changed the lettering color again, choosing a darker shade of red.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

CNN Emblem

Anthony Guy Bost relied on minimalism and was not mistaken: CNN representatives did not like complex shapes options. But for all its simplicity, the logo has a hidden meaning. The white line, which goes through the three letters, symbolizes the television cable.

The developer of the logo came up with the design himself, making the inscription solid and flexible. Remarkably, neither the C nor the two NNs have corners or serifs. The abbreviation was black in the original, but now a completely different color is used: Boston University Red (# CC0000).