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The Comair logo encapsulates the airline’s longstanding presence in the South African aviation sector. Since its inception, Comair has played a crucial role in connecting major South African cities with key regional centers, fostering tourism and economic interaction. The emblem embodies this role, symbolizing the promise of reliability and enduring service in a region where aviation is vital for economic development and personal connectivity.

Comair: Brand overview

Comair, a regional airline based in the United States, was operational from 1977 to 2012. Its headquarters were in Erlanger, Kentucky, with its central hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Comair functioned under the Delta Connection brand, primarily serving as Delta’s feeder airline.

Comair’s fleet comprised Bombardier and Embraer regional jets, each accommodating between 50 and 76 passengers. The airline’s fleet size reached its zenith with around 140 aircraft in operation. At its peak, the airline executed over 400 daily flights, connecting more than 110 locations throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The airline primarily operated short-haul regional routes, connecting Cincinnati and other Delta hubs with smaller American cities. During its most successful year in 2004, Comair transported over 20 million passengers, marking it as one of the largest regional airlines in the U.S. at the time.

Unfortunately, in September 2012, Comair discontinued its operations after seeking bankruptcy protection, finding it challenging to compete with other regional carriers. The cessation of the airline’s operations resulted in over 1,700 employees losing their jobs, ending more than three decades of service.

Meaning and History

Comair Logo History

What is Comair?

It is a regional airline based in the United States. It operated as a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, primarily as a Delta Connection carrier. The company provided regional airplane service to various destinations throughout the United States, connecting smaller markets with Delta’s major hubs. She was known for its reliability and efficiency, utilizing a fleet of Bombardier CRJ aircraft. Despite its contribution to the development of regional air travel, it ceased operations as part of Delta’s restructuring.


Comair Logo Old

Initially established as a regional carrier, Comair used a substantial and visually impressive first emblem. This emblem featured a design composed of merging bold glyphs that created the effect of letters smoothly transitioning into each other through shared crossbars. This design intentionally emphasized the aircraft’s particular reliability and capacity to transport large cargoes, focusing on the strength and quality of the services provided.

A key element of the logo was transforming the letter ‘A’ into a delta symbol, which held special significance. This design choice reflected Comair’s close connection with Delta Air Lines; Comair’s planes originally flew under the Delta Connection banner. This visual representation of a partnership eventually evolved into Comair’s full acquisition by Delta Air Lines, signifying integration and expanded capabilities for both companies.

The symbolic linking of the letters ‘C’ and ‘O’ in the logo also carried profound meaning, highlighting that a team of four like-minded individuals created the brand. This element emphasized the founders’ collective spirit and joint efforts, who came together to establish a reliable and stable airline.

before 2012

Comair Logo

The Comair logo radiates energy and dynamism, reflecting the team’s courage and determination. The bold font of the brand name, with the capital letter “C” underlined, conveys reliability and strength. The boomerang icon above the letter “i” adds a sense of motion and flight. The red symbolizes passion and energy, aligning with the dynamic aviation industry and indicating Comair’s emotional approach to its passengers. The “TM” symbol emphasizes the brand’s legal protection.

Comair values the quality and level of passenger service, offering the best travel experience. The company’s core values include innovation, efficiency, safety, responsibility, and customer care. The Comair emblem showcases how the company strives to be modern while prioritizing customer care.

The bold font choice, especially the underlined “C,” projects an image of steadfastness and robustness, critical attributes in aviation. The boomerang icon introduces a playful and dynamic element, suggesting agility and freedom, key aspects of flight.

The red color grabs attention and conveys urgency and enthusiasm. This vibrant hue reflects Comair’s passionate approach to service and its energetic presence in the aviation market. The “TM” symbol reinforces the brand’s authenticity and legal standing, protecting its unique identity.

The logo’s elements collectively communicate the airline’s core values. The underlined “C” and bold typeface signify strength and reliability, reassuring passengers of the airline’s commitment to safety and dependability. The boomerang icon, symbolic of return and continuity, highlights the airline’s focus on customer satisfaction.

Comair’s emphasis on innovation is subtly embedded in the modern logo’s design. This reflects the airline’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to incorporating the latest advancements in aviation technology. The logo’s efficient and streamlined look aligns with the company’s operational philosophy, emphasizing swift and effective service delivery.