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The Corona Extra logo showcases the unique taste and elitism of the best-selling beer brand. Its graphics, a yellow crown, stylized Old English font, and mythical griffins embody nobility, premium quality, and the drink’s value.

Corona Extra: Brand overview

Founder:Grupo Modelo, AB InBev
Corona Extra is a Mexican beer brand first brewed in 1925 by Cervecería Modelo (Mexico’s largest brewery). The Corona brand is one of the best-selling in the world and the number one beer importer in the U.S. It is part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev company.

Meaning and History

Corona Extra Logo History

Corona’s brand strategy revolves around the idea of a “beach state of mind.” No other beer brand better reflects the idea of relaxation in an exotic paradise and the philosophy of a carefree life.

The Corona brand logo is very clean, simple, and iconic. It features a centered design with clear lines and a contrast of bright colors.

What is Corona Extra?

Corona Extra is a beer brand owned by the Mexican brewery Grupo Modelo. It produces a pale lager made from yeast, hops, corn, and barley malt. For a long time, it was the best-selling imported drink in the U.S. However, the brand’s rating significantly dropped with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic due to its association with coronaviruses.

The Corona Extra logo looks modern and premium while retaining Corona’s heritage. It consists of bold gothic fonts, a yellow inscription “The Best Beer,” a crown at the top, and two griffins (legendary creatures with the body, tail, and hind legs of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and talons of an eagle-like forelimb).

Corona Extra: Interesting Facts

Corona Extra is a popular beer that comes from Mexico, and lots of people around the world enjoy it.

  1. Where It Started: It was first made in 1925 in Mexico City by Cervecería Modelo. It didn’t take long to become popular in Mexico and other countries.
  2. The Bottle: One thing that makes Corona stand out is its clear bottle, which differs from most beers in brown or green bottles. They chose the clear bottle to show off the beer’s golden color, but they must be careful because too much light can change how the beer tastes.
  3. Why the Lime?: People usually drink Corona with a lime wedge stuck in the bottle’s neck. There are a few stories about why this started, like making the beer taste better, cleaning the top, or keeping flies away. Whatever the reason, it’s become a special way to enjoy Corona.
  4. Super Popular: Corona Extra is among the best-selling imported beers in the U.S. and many other places. It’s famous for being a beer that represents fun and chilling out.
  5. Beach Ads: Corona’s ads usually show beautiful beach scenes. Their slogan, “Find Your Beach,” means that drinking a Corona can help you relax and feel like you’re at the beach, no matter where you are.
  6. Big Company: Grupo Modelo makes Corona, and it’s part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the biggest beer company in the world. This helps Corona reach all corners of the globe.
  7. Different Types: Besides the original Corona Extra, they also have Corona Light, Corona Premier, and some fruity drinks called Corona Refresca to suit different tastes.
  8. Beach Vibes: Corona has become a big part of beach and summer culture. You’ll see it in movies, TV shows, and all over social media, making it not just a beer but a part of how people like to have fun and relax.

So, Corona Extra isn’t just any beer; it’s got a whole vibe of enjoying life, hanging out on the beach, and taking it easy, which is why so many people love it.

Font and Colors

Corona Extra emblem

The beer’s name, named after the solar Corona, and the distinctive crown logo are based on the crown adorning the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The griffin is a protective symbol, embodying strength and vigilance; it was sacred to the sun and guarded hidden treasures. The two griffins, as if watching over the Corona Extra symbol, signify the beverage’s value and worth protecting.

Corona Extra symbol

Corona has a unique and unmistakable font that instantly makes it recognizable. The font is done in a gothic style and is similar to several classic serif fonts, such as Ancient and Old London.

The color palette of the Corona Extra logo is based on three colors: yellow, white, and blue. The dominant brand color is blue, while the yellow comes from the color of the beer. White is used for the upper horizon and the background of the logo.

The combination of white and yellow is a light and refreshing choice, while blue gives a sense of quality and royal authority.

Corona Extra color codes

BlueHex color:#005a9c
RGB:0 90 156
CMYK:100 42 0 39
Pantone:PMS 301 C
YellowHex color:#ffcb05
RGB:255 203 5
CMYK:0 20 98 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C


What Does the Corona Logo Mean?

The Corona Extra brand logo doesn’t just illustrate its name. The crown above symbolizes the drink’s highest quality, premiumness, and uniqueness. Yellow embodies the sun, while blue is associated with the ocean. Thus, they hint at a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and unwinding with a glass of cold beer on a hot day.

What Does the Corona Extra Logo Represent?

The top half of the logo is a yellow crown. The bottom part splits the brand name into two lines, written in blue letters styled in an Old English font.

What are the Symbols of Corona Beer?

The main symbol of the brand was chosen to be a crown – an attribute of royal authority. The second Corona Extra brand style element is the griffins depicted on the label. These mythical creatures represent vigilance and strength. They guard vast treasures, in this case – the beer.