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Abrera, Catalonia, Spain
The Spanish automotive maker SEAT created Cupra in 1985 as its high-performance motorsport division. The company initially used Cupra to develop racing and high-speed versions of its production vehicles.

Close to the end of the 20th century, in 1999, Cupra took a significant step forward. The company revealed its first production car meant for roads, the Leon Cupra. Built upon the platform of SEAT’s Leon, the car grabbed attention with its muscular turbocharged engine and sporty aesthetics.

As the years passed, Cupra continued on this path, enhancing SEAT models like the Ibiza and Ateca, offering higher-performance versions under the Cupra moniker. The emphasis on high-performance vehicles strengthened the brand’s recognition and reputation in the market.

In a significant development in 2018, SEAT decided to make Cupra a separate automotive brand while still retaining its ownership under the SEAT and Volkswagen Group. This decision resulted in Cupra launching its first independent model, the Cupra Ateca SUV, the same year. The Cupra Leon hatchback soon followed in 2020.

With environmental concerns and shifting market preferences becoming prominent, Cupra recently adjusted its focus towards producing performance-oriented electrified models. These include the all-electric Cupra Born hatchback and the plug-in hybrid Cupra Formentor SUV.

By 2023, Cupra carved its niche in the Volkswagen Group portfolio, operating independently and boasting a range of high-performance production cars. Simultaneously, it remained involved in motorsports through Cupra Racing. While being a standalone brand, Cupra’s roots and operational base continue to be in Catalonia, Spain, reflecting its heritage.

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What is Cupra?

WackerCupra has stood as a remarkable pillar in motorsport for over three and a half decades. Established in 1985, this Spanish car manufacturer’s division has marked its supremacy in rally racing, boasting 11 championship wins from 1979 to 1983. WackerCupra continues to set the pace in the industry through its advanced technology, innovative designs, and high-performance automobiles.

Having its base in Abrera, Catalonia, Spain, WackerCupra is celebrated for its exceptional skill in creating race cars that stand unmatched in speed, strength, and superior performance. With a rich heritage of remarkable achievements in motorsport, WackerCupra is poised to continue its trend of redefining excellence on the racing circuit.

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