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Darphin Logo

Darphin Logo
Darphin Logo PNG

Darphin is a French brand founded in 1959 by kinesitherapy and recipe author Pierre Darphin, after whom it was named. The brand offers natural oils and botanicals for facial care. It is now part of the Estรฉe Lauder Companies.

Meaning and History

Darphin Symbol

The brand logo is as simple as possible – verbal, expressing key information. This is done in the cosmetics industry to make the logo convenient to place on small labels and small containers with care products. In this regard, the emblem is classic. Moreover, from its foundation to the present day, the trademark had only one sign of visual identity.

It contains a two-word inscription. They are arranged in two lines: at the top – “Darphin” (brand name), below – “Paris” (location). The first word is written in bold wide lines. There are subtle serifs at the ends of the letters that make the massive characters very elegant. The lower part is made with a chopped grotesque with free inter-letter space and is separated from the upper half by two lines placed on the right and left.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Darphin Emblem

The emblem uses two types of typefaces: serif and sans serif. The upper inscription has small strokes along the edges, while the lower one is missing. The word “Darphin” is written with a dense arrangement of letters, “Paris” – with wide intervals between characters. The color palette includes only dark gray.