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Delco Remy: Brand overview

Founded in 1896 by the Remy brothers, Frank and Perry, in Anderson, Indiana, Delco Remy has a significant legacy as an innovative manufacturer of automotive components. The company has established itself as a key player in the automotive industry, specializing in the creation of starters, alternators, and ignition systems.

With several patents for starter motor innovations, Delco Remy has become an influential figure, licensing its technology to manufacturers around the world. This leadership role caught the attention of General Motors, resulting in the acquisition of Delco Remy in 1918. As a result, Delco Remy became a major division of GM, responsible for supplying AC Delco auto components.

By the middle of the 20th century, the company’s reach had expanded, and products from the Delco Remy plant were being used in millions of vehicles produced by GM, Chrysler, and other global brands. This broad influence did not prevent the company from continuing to innovate and diversify. In the following decades, Delco Remy began producing heavy-duty systems, hybrid powertrains, and even traction motors for locomotives.

A significant shift occurred in 1994 when Delco Remy was spun off from GM, leading to its merger with Lucas Varity in 1998. This merger gave rise to Remy International. This merger gave rise to Remy International, which continued the rich legacy of Delco Remy. Today, the Remy brand is still heavily involved in the manufacturing of starters, alternators, and other automotive power electronics components.

The story of Delco Remy is more than just the story of a company that manufactures automotive components. It is a testament to the spirit of innovation and adaptability, reflecting the legacy of a pioneering and leading manufacturer in the 20th-century automotive industry. Delco Remy’s contribution to engine starting and power generation systems continues to be felt, symbolizing an era of technological advancement and industrial growth.

Meaning and History

Delco Remy Logo History

1901 – 1927

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1927 – 1940s

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1940s – 1950s

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1950s – 1960s

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1960s – 1977

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1977 – 1994

Delco Remy Logo

The logo can be summarized as a square within a square. It uses the old name of the American company Remy International written in bold white letters. The letters are smooth, even, and crisp. Some of them have diagonal cuts, which gives the emblem a unique flavor. The text occupies two lines and is located in the center. Under it is a red rectangle, highlighted, as well as the text, a bold white frame. All this is located on a black square background, on which every element is clearly visible. This style creates a feeling of impeccability and reliability.

White letters resemble freshly written graffiti on a brick wall; they are very clear and, in some ways, even sharp, with small diagonal cuts. The red rectangle is a bright color you wouldn’t expect, but it absolutely works. It is framed with a white border, making it stand out against the black background like a spotlight in the dark.