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Dolo: Brand overview

In 1947, Dolo, created by Brun, Dolo & Galtier (BDG), emerged into the automotive world in Pierrefitte, France. Interestingly, the trio behind this brand was not previously known in the automotive arena, making their emergence even more notable. Their introduction to the automotive industry was impressive: at the 1947 Paris Motor Show, they unveiled the Dolo JB-10. This prototype was a vision of the future – a two-seat, front-wheel-drive car with Plexiglas cladding powered by a 592cc, 23 horsepower, air-cooled boxer engine.

This revolutionary model attracted attention at various major automotive events, from the 1947 Paris Salon to the 1948 Geneva and Brussels Motor Shows. Despite the buzz, many aspects of the car remained mysterious, especially the engine, which was always hidden under a closed hood, giving rise to speculation about its functionality.

Dolo did not stop at the JB-10. Sketches of an improved JB-20 model were developed and designed as a more spacious four-seater. However, it retained the characteristic Plexiglas dome of the JB-10, and a more powerful 1184cc, 44-horsepower, air-cooled 8-cylinder boxer engine was offered under the hood.

However, as fascinating as Dolo’s vision was, material evidence of these models going into production is scarce. After the 1948 Motor Show, the company and its ambitious car projects seemed to disappear, leaving behind an aura of mystery in automotive history.

Meaning and History

Dolo Logo History

1947 – 1948

Dolo Logo

The Dolo automobile brand existed for only two years, from 1947 to 1948. During this time, it had a logo with two levels of black lettering: “AUTOMOBILES” (above) and “DOLO” (below). The first word was typed in a thin font with barely visible serifs, while the second word was typed in a very bold sans serif font. The brand name was enclosed in French quotation marks.

The contrast between the thin, almost delicate font for the word “AUTOMOBILES” and the bold, impactful font for the word “DOLO” creates a striking visual dynamic. The use of French quotation marks adds an element of sophistication to the logo, hinting at elegance and refinement. Despite the short existence of the brand, the chosen logo design shows the thoughtfulness of the branding.