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A new Donald Trump logo has been created for the 2024 election campaign. It is based on two previous versions used in 2020 and 2016. The emblem reflects American patriotism and the candidate’s desire for personal leadership as he runs for president for the third consecutive time.

Donald Trump: Brand overview

After Donald Trump failed to rig the 2020 election, he decided to run for president again in 2024. Numerous criminal charges related to fraud, defamation, violence, and keeping classified documents in his residence did not stop the scandalous politician. Scholars and historians consider Trump the worst ruler of the United States; nevertheless, experts are confident that he has a high chance of winning the upcoming vote thanks to the support of the majority of Republicans. The candidate himself has declared his intention to participate in the election even if he is in prison at this time.

Meaning and History

Donald Trump presidential campaign Logo History

In 2022, Donald Trump ran for his third presidential candidacy. His campaign is under the slogan “Make America Great Again!” and he is intentionally giving the impression that he did not try to disrupt the previous election with an armed insurgency. Since this is Trump’s third presidential race, he already has some branding elements in place. The 2022 logo is very similar to the very first version created for the 2016 primaries: the same rectangular frame and similar bold lettering. Even the corporate slogan remains the same.

What is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is a billionaire whose companies operate in retail, manufacturing, airline, tourism, model management, publishing, casinos, construction, and real estate management. As a politician, he is known for his racism, fraud, and controversial behavior. Despite this, he managed to win the 2016 presidential election. He subsequently ran for president in 2020 and tried to rig the election but lost.

2022 – today

Donald Trump Logo

Donald Trump’s logo began to be used on November 15, 2022 – the day the politician announced his intention to run for president for the third time. The election campaign is under the familiar slogan “Make America Great Again!” which is written in small print at the bottom of the emblem. The central place is occupied by the name of the candidate, typed in large bold letters without serifs. The text is framed by a thin red rectangle. The top line is divided into two parts by five small stars, and in the bottom line is the number “2024”.

Font and Colors

Donald Trump presidential campaign 2024 Emblem

The creators of the Trump campaign logo decided to keep the same font that was used in 2016 – strict, bold, and confident. The shape of the capital letters is roughly reminiscent of Radomir Tinkov’s Ridley Grotesk Black.

Donald Trump presidential campaign 2024 Symbol

The combination of red, white, and blue colors completely coincides with the colors of the US flag. Therefore, the emblem is associated with patriotism, despite the fact that among all American symbols, it contains only a few five-pointed stars.