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Donkervoort: Brand overview

The Donkervoort brand, which emerged in 1978 in Lelystad (Netherlands) and became synonymous with Dutch sports cars, was the brainchild of former race car enthusiast Joop Donkervoort. He began his endeavor by introducing the S7 model in the same year. This model, which was a lightweight open-top sports car with a Ford engine, was produced in limited numbers.

In 1982, the brand introduced the D8 model, which was Donkervoort’s first production car. Throughout production until 1990, the D8 was powered by engines from Audi and Volkswagen. With the onset of the 1990s, Donkervoort introduced the D10 model, powered exclusively by Audi engines. Over the course of the decade, this model underwent refinements, resulting in variants such as the D10 Evo.

The year 1999 marked another milestone for Donkervoort with the debut of the D8 GT, powered by Audi’s new turbocharged engine. This model emphasized the brand’s commitment to creating lightweight cars without sacrificing performance. Similarly, in 2005, the D8 270 was introduced with 270 hp thanks to the Audi engine, although only 25 of these cars were produced.

In 2006, the brand launched the D8 GTO model. This model, equipped with a powerful 2.5-liter Audi TFSI engine, has an output of 340 to 380 hp in various configurations.

In 2023, Donkervoort remains true to its mission to create bespoke sports cars with an artisanal approach, producing around 150 cars per year in the Netherlands. Under the leadership of its visionary founder, Joop Donkervoort, the brand remains true to its core principles: uncompromising quality and a minimalist approach to electronics, guaranteeing drivers a sober and exciting experience on the road.

Meaning and History

Donkervoort Logo History

1978 – today

Donkervoort Logo

The base of the Donkervoort logo is a white trapezoid decorated with wide horizontal stripes in red. This design choice symbolizes one of the most recognizable elements in automotive design – the decorative grille attached to the bumper. In the foreground is an oval with an abstract pattern and the brand name. The inscription is in bold sans-serif font. The letters are white with black shadows, which creates a sense of depth.

The bold font used for the brand name complements the powerful and striking grille design. The abstract patterns in the oval evoke a sense of uniqueness or intricacy, indicating the complexity and thoughtful design of the brand’s vehicles. The use of black shadows gives a three-dimensional look, symbolizing the tangible quality and durability of Donkervoort cars.