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The Dyson logo is visually soft and smooth because such a shape of elements subconsciously evokes trust in consumers. The emblem symbolizes the safety of all appliances produced by the company, from vacuum cleaners to hair dryers.

Dyson: Brand overview

Founded:8 July 1991
Founder:James Dyson
St James Power Station, Harbourfront, Singapore

Dyson is a British company that manufactures various high-tech household appliances, including beauty care products. It was founded by James Dyson, after whom it was named. The company has been in existence since July 1991 and originated in Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

Dyson Logo History

What is Dyson?

Dyson is a technology company founded in the early 1990s in the UK and moved to Singapore in 2019. It is named after its founder, James Dyson, who invented the bagless vacuum cleaner. The company’s product range includes innovative heaters, fans, air conditioners, hand dryers, and other modern appliances. All of the company’s household appliances are known for their high efficiency, functionality, and performance.

1993 – 1994

Dyson Logo 1993

The original Dyson logo consisted of the brand name and bore the mark of originality. It was an innovative product of its time, consisting of three-line inscriptions. The first was the name of the company itself. It was made with capital letters formed from three thin stripes. Each glyph contained several components of different shapes. The most interesting were “S” and “O.” The former had the shape of waves, and the latter of vertical arches. The middle row was occupied by the phrase “Dual Cyclone,” typed in lowercase letters – bold and black. The third row contained the word “Technology,” typed in thin capital letters.

1994 – today

Dyson Logo

The brand is created thanks to innovations and exists only for them. Thanks to this approach and impeccable aesthetics, the brand has become one of the most recognizable worldwide. This distinguishes its logo, which has managed to combine relevance, simplicity, and classic style. This principle conveys that the manufacturer should not speak for itself, but its product should.

As a result, the brand emblem is recognized as a standard of modern design. According to the developers’ concept, bright and high-tech products effectively complement the strict black-and-white sign. The main element used by artists was the brand name. The unified inscription “Dyson” is monochrome, elegant, and minimalist.

Dyson: Interesting Facts

Dyson Ltd. is a company started by a man named Sir James Dyson. He wanted to make home gadgets like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and hair dryers more interesting.

  1. No More Bags in Vacuum Cleaners: In 1993, James Dyson made the first vacuum cleaner that didn’t need a bag. He was tired of vacuums losing power because the bags got full.
  2. Trying Many Times: James didn’t give up when his idea was rejected. He made 5,127 versions over five years until he got it right, which shows that it’s important to keep trying.
  3. Fans Without Blades: Dyson-made fans and air purifiers that work well without blades. This is called Air Multiplier technology.
  4. Selling Everywhere: Dyson isn’t just a British company anymore; it sells its products in over 65 countries and even moved its headquarters to Singapore to be closer to Asian markets.
  5. Caring for the Planet: Dyson works hard to make products that last a long time and don’t waste energy. This is good for the Earth.
  6. Teaching Engineering: In 2017, James Dyson started a school with the University of Warwick to teach engineering. He wants to make sure we have enough smart engineers in the future.
  7. Electric Cars Attempt: Dyson even tried to make an electric car but stopped in 2019 because it was too hard to make money. Still, it shows they like to try new things.
  8. Helping Others: James Dyson and his company give money and support to encourage young people to become engineers and designers. They think it’s important to have more smart people making cool things.
  9. Fighting for Ideas: Dyson doesn’t let other companies copy their inventions without permission. They go to court to protect their ideas.

Dyson is about making new and better things, never giving up, and solving problems smartly. It’s grown from one good idea into a big company trying to improve our world.

Font and Colors

Dyson Emblem

The company chose the individual Dyson Sans font for the word symbol, which fully conveys its values: innovation, originality, reliability, luxury, practicality, and creativity. Thanks to its concise form, the logo well embodies perfection, where nothing is more important than a well-implemented idea.

The inscription is made with wide lowercase sans serif letters. The symbols are evenly distributed in the word and made slanted and rounded. The “D” lacks the lower part on the stem, and the “n” looks like an inverted “u” without a stick.

Dyson Symbol

The brand palette is monochromatic. Both white and black backgrounds are used. Gray is used for labels on products. A dark blue version is used in the internal administrative network. The official version consists of light letters on a dark substrate.

Dyson color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C