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E-One: Brand overview

In 1974, the E-One company appeared in Ocala, Florida. It was initially engaged in the production of aluminum bodies for trucks. However, in the late 1970s, the company shifted its focus to building fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Over the following decades, E-One has been diligent in incorporating new technologies and innovations into its products, a prime example of which is the Cyclone cab, introduced at the turn of the millennium.

Having earned a reputation as a top-notch fire apparatus manufacturer, E-One met the diverse needs of fire crews across the United States. By 2008, the company caught the attention of Federal Signal Corporation, which subsequently purchased E-One and incorporated it into its emergency vehicle group. Nearly a decade later, in 2017, E-One came under new ownership when it was acquired by REV Group, a niche vehicle manufacturer, incorporating E-One into its fire safety-focused division.

With manufacturing centers in Florida, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania, E-One boasts an impressive track record of producing more than 28,000 fire trucks worldwide. As a leader in the fire apparatus industry, the company produces a variety of vehicles, including pumper, ladder, and rescue vehicles, as well as other emergency response vehicles. E-One’s pioneering spirit continues to shape the future of firefighting, enabling units to fight fires with increased efficiency.

Meaning and History

E-One Logo History

1974 – today

E-One Logo

The E-One company positions itself as a leader in the fire truck industry, so its logo looks rigorous, innovative, and professional. The brand name is not just written in bold italics; the designers changed the font by adding through holes to the last three letters, which form a single horizontal line. This symbolizes rapid movement. Thanks to the shadows, the gray lettering seems volumetric. The base is a dark gray oval with a grainy texture. The border of the emblem, on the contrary, looks smooth and shiny due to the silver gradient.

The grainy texture of the dark gray oval indicates strength and durability, in keeping with the company’s focus on producing reliable fire trucks. The silver gradient on the border of the emblem gives it a modern look, emphasizing the company’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.