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The Eagle logo is a symbol of greatness, the technical excellence of the company’s machines. The emblem indicates the successful overcoming of obstacles on the road and protection. Brand cars fly along the roads like birds.

Eagle: Brand overview

Founded:1988 – July 4, 1999
Founder:Chrysler Corporation
United States

Eagle is a brand of crossovers produced by Chrysler for a short time. The brand was created for the legitimate sale of SUV variations from the acquired American Motors Corporation. But due to insufficient promotion and recognition of new cars, the release was gradually curtailed.

Meaning and History

Eagle Logo History

The ability of the eagle to rise above all other birds is the basis of the logo and brand name. The sign shows superiority, extraordinary strength, and endurance. The ability of brand cars to overcome obstacles, to pass where others cannot. The emblem is great for crossovers and highlights the American roots of the brand.

The logo is a triangular shield with rounded sides, which makes the image look like a heart. The image draws an analogy with the motor – the main mechanism of the machine.

What is Eagle?

American brand, a hybrid sedan and SUV produced for ten years. Its main models are Vision, Wagon, Medallion, Premier, Summit, and Talon. After the closure, some variants continued to be produced under the Mitsubishi brand.

Inside the background is an image. White contours on a black background form the profile of an eagle. And the black areas inside the image resemble a wing.

The combination shows the strength and power of the heart muscle of the car, thanks to which the car easily climbs mountains and rides over bumps. Overcomes snow, mud, and ice.

The pattern on the logo corresponds to the brand’s name, which is written on the upper white part of the shield. The choice of light edging represents renewal—new owners’ production of AMC machines.

After buying the company, Chrysler used the name “Eagle” from American Motors Corporation’s 1980s lineup. The AMC Eagle was a 4-wheel drive (4WD) machine that offered maximum safety in all weather. The capabilities corresponded to the data of the crossovers. Therefore, the new owners chose a name to produce such machines further.

The eagle is an American image that personifies the country. The bald eagle is found in North America. It is a symbol of freedom, strength, and flight. The bird is featured on the US seal. Both AMC and Chrysler, which bought it, are based in America. The Eagle brand was also produced in this state. Therefore, the logo’s symbol is patriotic and subconsciously associated with the country of production.

Font and Colors

The emblem is built on the contrast of black and white. Tandem indicates the beauty and style of cars.

  • Black is brutality, strength and power, off-road driving, overcoming obstacles, reliability, and confidence.
  • White-line renewal, new owner, ease of movement.

The name’s font is unique, with glyphs of different thicknesses and nice curves. There is a distant resemblance to SpaceLab Bold Italic. The inscription disposes of the viewer and looks as lively as the image of a bird.

Eagle color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C