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The emblem is filled with the idea of ​​connection and contact. The EE logo is like a wire carrying packets of information. They instantly connect subscribers and allow them to feel the unity and closeness of each other.

EE: Brand overview

Founded: 1 April 2010
Founder: BT Group
London, UK
Wireless service provider and EE provider is owned by the British international holding BT Group plc. Until 2012, the mobile operator was called Everything Everywhere, but then it launched an ultra-fast fiber-optic network under the EE brand and took on a similar name. It is the first company in the UK to provide 4G access to residents.

Meaning and History

EE Logo History

EE had two predecessors: Orange UK and T-Mobile UK. They teamed up in 2010 to share the 2G cellular network. These trademarks disappeared a few years after the rebranding, which took place in 2012. Moreover, during the restructuring, the operator changed the name and the logo: the ascetic inscription “everything everywhere” was replaced by two stylized letters.

In 2015, telecommunications corporations Deutsche Telekom and Orange SA sold their joint venture to the BT Group holding. However, the transition did not affect the identification of EE: the company retained its visual style in the form in which it exists today.

What is EE?

EE is a brand of the telecommunications holding company BT Group, which also owns two other trademarks: Plusnet and BT. It was formerly known as Everything Everywhere, but in 2015 it started using the shortened name: EE. It is a major provider of cellular and internet services. Its 3G network covers 98% of the UK population. The brand was established in 2010 as a result of the merger between Orange UK and T-Mobile UK.

2010 – 2012

Everything Everywhere Logo 2010-2012

The wireless and wired service provider, which emerged from the merger of competing brands, used a logo with gray “everything everywhere” for the first two years. The words consisted of lowercase cursive letters and were arranged in a ladder: the first on top and the second slightly below and right. The minimalistic lettering was on a blank white background. The designers decided to do without bright color accents and additional details that could distract attention from the name.

2012 – today

EE (Everything Everywhere) Logo 2012-present

In 2012, the network operator was renamed EE, marking the largest corporate rebranding in the UK. The renaming took place after the launch of a new service, which allowed the company to gain the first 4G internet provider’s status in the country.

At the same time, a logo appeared without a wordmark. Consulting agency Wolff Olins was responsible for the corporate identity change. The designers depicted “EE” with dots, placing the letters in two turquoise circles.

Font and Colors

EE Emblem

The emblem of the mobile operator EE is, in fact, many small and large circles. Both letters are made up of 16 white dots connected. The first symbol is at the top in a huge circle, and the second is in the same figure, but below. As conceived by the authors, this graphic composition should indicate dedication and opening prospects. The simple shapes of the elements are designed for the digital space. To showcase the company’s new identity, the developers animated the dots in the commercials.

When the designers at Wolff Olins created the logo, they were guided only by their imagination, artistic taste, and EE leadership requirements. At that time, not a single font existed that could be compared with an inscription made of small circles. Later, on its basis, a proprietary family of typefaces called EE Nobblee appeared.

EE Symbol

The two large background circles are tinted dark teal (# 17a09f), very similar to Java (# 259797). This is a great foundation for the white “EE”: the letters stand out with contrast and are immediately striking. This graphic technique helped to focus attention on the company name, which, combined with dots, makes the corporate identity bright and recognizable.

EE color codes

Light Sea Green Hex color: #17a09f
RGB: 23 160 159
CMYK: 86 0 1 37
Pantone: PMS 7716 C