ELVO: Brand overview

ELVO traces its origins to 1972 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where it was founded under the name Steyr Hellas S.A. This company was formed in conjunction with Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Austria, and the initial goal was to produce trucks, tractors, and motorcycles. Throughout the 70s and 80s, Steyr and Puch vehicles were assembled in the Greek market, mostly under license agreements.

Much of the company’s growth in these early years is attributed to significant military contracts awarded by the Greek government, mainly for the supply of trucks and buses. By 1986, a change in identity and focus resulted in the company being renamed Hellenic Vehicle Industry or ELVO. The brand change marked a shift to the development and design of domestic military vehicles, particularly the Leonidas armored personnel carrier.

Even before the renaming, ELVO demonstrated its capabilities by developing a 3-ton truck in 1980. a 3-ton truck, and the following year, a chassis for a military bus. In the 1980s, the company moved from assembling licensed vehicles to innovating and producing original models and variants.

Today, ELVO is a key player in the Greek defense and automotive sector, offering products ranging from buses and trucks to armored vehicles for the military and civilian sectors. The company, which started as a licensee of the Austrian company Steyr, has evolved into an independent Greek vehicle manufacturer focused primarily on the needs of the defense sector.

Meaning and History

ELVO Logo History

1972 – 1987

ELVO Logo 1972

1987 – 2021

ELVO Logo 1987

2021 – today


The name of the Greek brand ELVO has an alternative spelling in English: “ELBO.” This variant is used in the logo with a unique font, where the first letter “E” has a rounded shape and the letter “L” resembles an inverted “V” with a softened angle. Above the lettering is a geometric pattern of lines forming a circular labyrinth. The letter “E” is duplicated in the center. Only this letter is colored in light blue; all other elements of the emblem – are dark blue.

The geometric pattern or circular maze above the brand name symbolizes complexity and intricacy, reflecting the company’s approach to problem-solving or engineering. The use of light blue for the central “E” draws attention to this key element, while the dark blue hue gives a sense of professionalism and reliability.