The ELVO logo employs a unique design strategy that mixes modern typography with geometric patterns. The first ‘E’ features a rounded shape, while the ‘L’ resembles an inverted ‘V’ with softened angles. Above the lettering is a set of lines creating a circular labyrinth. The central ‘E’ stands out by being the only element in light blue, contrasting the dark blue of the other components.

The brand’s typography is both striking and thoughtful. The rounded ‘E’ sets the tone for a design that strays from the ordinary. Round shapes are often symbolic of unity and completeness. The inverted ‘V’ styled as ‘L’ softens the angularity often associated with triangles, implying a balance between dynamism and stability. These softened angles resonate with a brand that values innovation and grounded practicality.

ELVO’s choice of colors is another layer of meaning. Using dark blue throughout most of the design evokes feelings of professionalism, trust, and wisdom. Conversely, the solitary light blue ‘E’ is a focal point. Light blue is often linked to calmness, open spaces, and inspiration, subtly hinting at the brand’s aspiration to be a beacon in its field.

The geometric pattern above the text adds a layer of complexity. Circles often symbolize infinite possibilities, wholeness, and ongoing movement. When circles are presented as a labyrinth, they capture the essence of a journey or quest. With this, the brand suggests its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Adding the ‘E’ in the center of this circular labyrinth amplifies this idea, indicating the core identity and significance the letter holds in the logo.

The contrast in color between the central ‘E’ and the other elements makes it a distinct point of convergence for viewers. This clever use of color difference amplifies the element of focus, drawing eyes directly to what could be interpreted as the essence or heart of the brand.

Integrating unique typography, color psychology, and geometric patterns creates a harmonious yet provocative design. The logo successfully fuses these elements to convey a narrative of unity, the quest for excellence, and balance. Through these layers of symbolism and design choices, the emblem is a comprehensive visual statement that speaks to the brand’s identity and values.

ELVO: Brand overview

Founded: June 1972
Founder: Plasan, Naska Industries – SK Group, Aristidis Glinis
Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
Website: elvo.gr
ELVO’s roots trace back to 1972 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where it was established as Steyr Hellas S.A. This formation was a collaborative effort with the Austrian firm Steyr-Daimler-Puch, and the initial objective was the production of trucks, tractors, and motorcycles. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, the Greek market saw the assembly of Steyr and Puch vehicles, predominantly under licensing agreements.

A substantial portion of the company’s growth during these early years can be attributed to significant military contracts awarded by the Greek government, primarily in trucks and buses. By 1986, a shift in identity and focus led to the company’s renaming as the Hellenic Vehicle Industry or ELVO. This change in branding signaled a transition toward developing and designing native military vehicles, notably the introduction of the Leonidas armored personnel carrier.

Even before its renaming, ELVO had already showcased its capability with the design of a 3-ton truck in 1980, followed by a military bus chassis the subsequent year. The company’s trajectory in the 1980s emphasized moving beyond merely assembling licensed vehicles to innovating and producing original models and their variants.

Today, ELVO is a key player in Greece’s defense and vehicular manufacturing sectors, offering various products ranging from buses and trucks to armored vehicles for both military and civilian sectors. What began as a licensee of Austrian Steyr has transformed into an autonomous Greek vehicle manufacturer, catering especially to defense requirements.

Meaning and History

ELVO Logo History

1972 – 1987

ELVO Logo 1972

1987 – 2021

ELVO Logo 1987

2021 – today