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The Swedish engineering company shows flexibility in the choice of the emblem because the sign bears little resemblance to the service sector in which it operates. However, the Esbe logo succeeds in the task of informing and attracting customers perfectly. It is multi-structured, balanced, and vibrant.

Esbe: Brand overview

Founder:Johan August Skogsfors
Reftele, Sweden
ESBE is a family-owned engineering company from Sweden that manufactures products for plumbing, cooling, and heating systems. It develops and manufactures actuators, valves, and much more that contribute to energy savings while maintaining comfortable living conditions. This organization appeared in 1906 at the initiative of the industrialist Johan August Skogsfors. The fourth generation of his dynasty now runs it. However, only 80% of the enterprise is privately owned, while the remaining 20% ​​belongs to its employees. The headquarters is located in Reftele.

Meaning and History

Esbe Symbol

The company was founded by a family business called Skogsfors Bruk. It was she who was opened in 1906 in a small Swedish town. A businessman launched an electric station not far from his enterprise to activate his work. After that, the activity increased: Johan August Skogsfors built a mechanical assembly shop, a forging shop, a foundry, a sawmill, and a paint shop.

The first products were agricultural tools, stirrups, horseshoes, and ball bearings. In the 1930s, shunt valves, hydrophores, and water pumps were added to the range. In 1939 the owner sold some of the production sites to Kooperativa Förbundet (KF). Then the company switched to the production of boiler equipment and, after a while, merged with Parca-Norrahammar.

What is ESBE?

ESBE is a Swedish manufacturer of thermostats and actuators for heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. It is family owned and managed by the fourth generation of the Skogsfors dynasty. The time of its appearance is 1906. The head office of the company is located in Reftele (Sweden), where the industrialist Johan August Skogsfors was founded.

But the right to manufacture the thermostatic valve remained with the first owners because it was the author’s design of the Göte engineer Samuel Skogsfors, who in 1937 raised the family business again. In 1939 Skogsfors patented his invention. Since then, the company has been called ESBE. Drives were added to her list later – in the mid-1970s. Despite more than a century of activity, the enterprise did not move outside the city where it appeared and did not change the logo.

The visual identity of ESBE is represented by a very interesting square with rounded corners. It is unique and original because it has a unique structure. This geometric figure consists of a wide plus (+), which captures the entire inner surface and leaves only a small space free – four black mini-squares on the sides. The cross is divided into two parts: the line runs diagonally and delimits it into two zones of identical size – blue and red.

On the left side is the name of the technical and production company, typed in wide and massive glyphs. The letters are in upper case and are slightly extended forward, which is why the internal gaps are longer than usual. The ” S ” ends are curved, so they look like serifs. But in fact, there are no serifs here – the inscription is made in a grotesque way. Moreover, “B” and “E” are very similar to each other since they have the same horizontal stripes. Their similarity is also emphasized by the small inter-character spacing, making it seem that neighboring glyphs’ strokes are connected. This is seen in the last two letters.

Font and Colors

Esbe Emblem

The ESBE logo uses the MicroSquare Bold Extended typeface, which resembles the Microgramma Bold Extended. The main features of these two fonts are the wide lines extended forward, bold glyphs, and lack of serifs. This is a rather colorful sign in color, dominated by rich shades of red (closer to burgundy) and two subtones of blue (saturated and light). They are also complemented by black and white, which acts as a background.

Esbe color codes

French BlueHex color:#0375bf
RGB:3 117 191
CMYK:98 39 0 25
Pantone:PMS 3005 C
LustHex color:#e30614
RGB:227 6 20
CMYK:0 97 91 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Eerie BlackHex color:#1c1c1b
RGB:28 28 27
CMYK:0 0 4 89
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C