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The Etihad Airways logo is a symbol of wealth, luxury, and high quality. It consists of three levels, where the top level is indicated in Arabic and emphasizes the global international character of the company.

On the second level, “ETIHAD” is written in golden color, representing the services’ richness and high quality. The golden color is sunlight, which symbolizes the energy and optimism that the brand conveys to its passengers.

On the third level, “AIRWAYS” is written in a thinner and smaller font, which shows a harmonious combination between “ETIHAD” and “AIRWAYS.” They are an integral part of the logo and are a high level of comfort and service that passengers receive.

The meaning of the Etihad Airways logo stems from the promise of high-quality service and comfort and the company’s global, international focus. The logo’s values include professionalism, luxury, innovation, and technological progress.

In general, the Etihad Airways emblem is a symbol of the expression of wealth, luxury, and high quality, combined into a single, stylish composition.

Etihad Airways: Brand overview

Founded: 2003
Founder: Etihad Aviation Group
Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Meaning and History

Etihad Airways Logo History

2003 – 2014

Etihad Airways Logo 2003

2014 – today

Etihad Airways Logo

Etihad Airways color codes

Satin Sheen Gold Hex color: #c79802
RGB: 199 152 2
CMYK: 0 24 99 22
Pantone: PMS 7555 C