Facebook becomes Meta

Meta (facebook) Logo

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Facebook decided to change its name. The company will now be called Meta. Its logo will be a mathematical infinity sign made in a gradient blue color. Despite such drastic changes, the company’s complete rebranding strategy and mission have not changed. The brand continues to unite people all over the planet. The management so far confirms that all applications and brands under the former Facebook’s auspices will work as usual. But they will gradually change as well. Instagram and WhatsApp will remain unchanged. The only thing that will happen to them is that you do not need to log into the social network to use these services.

Meta (facebook) New Logo

The new name is taken from the Greek language. It means “after.” And it symbolizes a more expanded spatial field for future perspectives. The creation of a new voluminous and boundless metaverse, including virtual moments and augmented reality, should demonstrate the best capabilities of the product. For example, anyone can participate in a concert that takes place in a live and virtual space. Font XXII Geom Medium by Doubletwo Studios is very effective and conveys the social network’s features – it is qualitatively unifying, easy to read, and memorable. The black color allows the logo to be used on any media – digital and print media. Its typography is versatile and user-friendly.

Meta (facebook) Emblem

Today you can already see the announcement of the change of the name of the social network everywhere. All existing icons for various services are already being transformed into an updated format. The New York Stock Exchange rose 3.91% by the time it opened. The created place-universe will be created in two directions – the first will cover all working services, and the second will deal with new platforms and technologies. The idea embraces the possibility of each user getting an individual animated avatar. With their help, the user will be able to move around the virtual world, communicate with other participants, receive and make calls and make purchases, advertise, conduct virtual communication.

Meta (facebook) Icon Before and After Logo (history)

An important part of the new program will be glasses, unique voice programs, gesture systems, smart controls, etc. The company plans to spend more than $ 150 million to train content creators.

Meta New Logo

Recently, Facebook has had significant difficulties, which most likely became one of the reasons for the rebranding. This also affected organizational issues in the company’s work, as well as not very positive situations in some services. In addition to threats to health, especially for children who do not yet have a correct assessment of this or that content, many radical and extremist content was promoted outside the US, which inflamed hatred and xenophobic sentiments. It is believed that social networks also poorly covered the problems of coronavirus, did not fight well against false information. Everything was built to make a profit in any way. Also, in 2019 – 2020, the United States Federal Trade Commission became interested in the problems of confidentiality of personal data of members of the social network.

Meta Logo

Fundamental changes should correct recent problems. Rebranding is the logical way out of this situation. First of all, everything negative will remain on the old name. At the same time, the change of image will focus on new directions, distracting the masses from everything negative.

Meta Emblem

Meta (facebook) wordmark Before and After Logo (history)