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The emblem focuses the buyer’s attention on the whiskey’s country of origin. After all, only Scotland can produce this original drink. The Famous Grouse logo demonstrates the completeness and richness of the taste of alcohol.

Famous Grouse: Brand overview

Founder:Edrington Group

Famous Grouse is a Standard blend Scotch whiskey brand with over a century of history. Offers blended and malt alcohol options. Owned by Edrington, a private company headquartered in Scotland. Under this brand, a large list of adhesive tapes is produced:

  • Famous Grouse Finest – a drink with oak and fruit aromas and a sweet aftertaste.
  • Snow Grouse – a mixture of grain spirits with a hint of honey, which should be served chilled.
  • Black Grouse – a blend with a rich combination of flavors, especially distinguished by lovers.
  • Mellow Gold – a mixture of spirits aged in sherry and bourbon casks, with a floral-fruity aftertaste.
  • Alpha Edition – predominantly malt whiskey with a touch of chocolate and zest.
  • Smoky Black – Scotch with a predominance of malt spirits. It has a rich color, taste of spices, and smoked dried fruits.
  • Double Matured – a line of drinks that have been aged twice. They taste like caramelized pears and cherries.
  • Gold reserve – a luxury series with a 12-year exposure and fruity aroma.
  • Naked Grouse – A malt drink with cocoa and cherry flavors.
  • Famous Jubilee – A citrus-flavored scotch, suitable for making cocktails.
  • Ruby Cask – Scotch that matures in barrels after port wine and has a creamy vanilla flavor. And for Toasted Cask, charred barrels are used.

There are lines aged 12, 18, and 30 years among the malt drinks. Offers Famous Grouse and low alcohol (6%) cocktails.

The brand is very popular in Britain. Approved by the royal house and has the appropriate documents. Up to three million cases of the drink are sold abroad annually.

Meaning and History

Famous Grouse Logo History

Whiskey production was started by Matthew Gloag & Son. Since 1800, the Gloag family has been importing European wines to Scotland. Was the supplier of these drinks to the Queen’s banquets. However, after the vineyards of France suffered from diseases, the family thought about creating a local drink. In 1896, Matthew Gloag, the grandson of the store’s first owner, began to produce Grouse whiskey. He did not have his production. The blend was created from spirits purchased at different distilleries. The case progressed slowly, but after nine years, Matthew registered the company and the official brand name “Famous Grouse” or Famous Grouse. After 100 years, the brand became the best-selling UK and was exported abroad. The company was taken over by Highland Distillers in 1970 and taken over by the Edrington Group in 1999.

Famous Grouse is a very conservative brand that strictly honors tradition. Despite more than a century of history, the creator’s signature or the inscription ESTD 1800 (founded in 1800) is present on every bottle of whiskey, as is the first bird logo that Matthew’s daughter came up with. The company is proud to maintain the consistently high quality of its drinks in this ever-changing world.

The logo is the brand’s name written in red letters at the top of the emblem. Below it, in the picture, a black grouse is very clearly drawn, standing on a black ground. Heather is located a little behind and in the background, the slightly blurry contours of the mountains. On the black earth, the inscription: favorite Scotch whiskey.

Famous Grouse Symbol

The logo contains images that are associated with Scotland. All elements perfectly convey the local nature and features of the region where the whiskey was created. This choice emphasizes the patriotism of the Scots.

Red Grouse is a unique species, a British endemic found mainly in Scotland, just like Famous Grouse whiskey is produced only in this country and combines the best local spirits. The image of the bird is very natural and detailed. As well as for the preparation of the drink, natural ingredients are used, and the recipe is very strictly followed. Moorlands are the main habitat of the bird, so the image of the plant was not chosen by chance. The black grouse stands turned to the right on all the emblems and looked forward. It symbolizes stability and gradual development. The location of the inscription at the top against the background of the autumn bright sky is an indicator of fame, the high position of the brand, a symbol of the grain harvest ripening at that time, used for the production of whiskey.

The Glenturret distillery, where the main grain component of the Grouse blend was produced, is located in the gorge, which was the reason for the mountains on the logo.

There are no elements of nature in a more compact version of the logo used on the company’s website. The name of the brand is written in the rectangular logo with the word The vertically located and a black grouse sitting in front of the inscription. The bird is depicted schematically with golden lines. Gold and the dominant position of black Grouse indicate the premium nature of the drink and its leading position.

Font and Colors

Famous Grouse Emblem

The color scheme of the emblem is chosen very harmoniously. It is a combination of brown, yellow, red and black. They match the colors of autumn nature. The red color of the name echoes the national kilts. He also hints at a strong drink with a strong taste. Indicates a leader in its field and the love of customers. Yellow is the color of ripe grain. Brown is the land where cereals grow and the wood of barrels soaked in other drinks. The black color at the base indicates the deep roots and authenticity of the Scottish drink. The font corresponds to Adobe Garamond Regular.

Famous Grouse color codes

Vivid BurgundyHex color:#a31f34
RGB:163 31 52
CMYK:0 81 68 36
Pantone:PMS 200 C
Aztec GoldHex color:#af9752
RGB:175 151 82
CMYK:0 14 53 31
Pantone:PMS 7407 C