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The logo of the Fiskars company that produces the iconic yellow-handled scissors is consistent with the corporate concept. It is based on confidence in products’ impeccable quality, reliability, and increased functionality. Therefore, the Fiskars logo embodies stable work, durability, safety, and practicality. Its design is universal and conveys the key nuances of brand products.

Fiskars: Brand overview

Founder:Fiskars Group

Fiskars is a strategic brand of the Fiskars Group, which has existed for over 370 years and is based in Raseborg. This diversified group is the successor of the Fiskars Ruukki ironworks. Her flagship brand is now especially popular with scrapbooking enthusiasts because it produces the iconic orange-handled scissors. But the range does not stop there: it includes a variety of household goods, handicraft tools, and garden tools.

But the history of Fiskars began in 1649 when neither scrapbooking nor the Internet existed yet. First, there was a smelter that processed copper and iron and produced products for agriculture. The first period of its heyday came under the leadership of John (Johan) Jacob Julin. He bought the company in 1822, and 10 years later, he began to manufacture scissors.

In the 20th century, the company continued to grow despite many problems. She began making plastic products, including her famous orange-handled scissors. And with the advent of the new millennium, it has launched dozens of new brands, making it the market leader in home goods. At the same time, Fiskars remains the main trademark of the corporation.

Meaning and History

Fiskars Logo History

The Fiskars have so many fans that the company has created its fan club and named it the Fiskateers. The popularity of this brand in the modern world can be explained by successful attempts to integrate it into the digital space: the tool manufacturer is active in social networks, and he has focused his business on those who are passionate about needlework.

The Finnish multi-industry group uses as a logo a wordmark that contains its current name. The previous version had the same structure, but the inscription had a different design.

What is Fiskars?

Fiskars is a brand of garden tools, household goods, and handicrafts. It is owned by a corporation of the same name from Finland, which is officially called Fiskars Oyj Abp in its country. This is the oldest Finnish company, as it was founded in 1649.


Fiskars Old Logo

In the old version, the word “FISKARS” consisted of capital glyphs in white. The designers used grotesque and made some corners rounded. The space between the “K” and the following “A” was so narrow that both letters merged at the bottom.

The inscription occupied a space inside a black vertical rectangle with symmetrically convex sides at the top and bottom. This geometric figure was complemented by two orange stripes that looked like slightly curved triangles. One of them was in the upper right corner, and the second in the lower left.


Fiskars New Logo

After the redesign, the logo’s background became white, while the brand name was recolored in gray. The typography has also changed, but only slightly: the creators of the wordmark have increased the number of rounded corners and slightly tweaked the shape of the glyphs.

Font and Colors

Fiskars Symbol

The Fiskars company name is the basis of its visual identity. It occupies a special place in the structure of the logo because apart from it, there is nothing there: no iconic symbols, no abstract design elements. It’s just gray lettering on a blank white background.

The name of a multi-industry group from Finland is written in a custom sans-serif typeface. Glyphs have an irregular shape: they combine rounding, straight and sharp corners. All letters are converted to upper case. It is noteworthy that neighboring “K” and “A” are connected at the bottom point.

The modern logo has a very restrained color scheme: the designers used a light gray shade for the inscription, and the background was made white. However, in the previous version, white was combined with black and bright orange.

Fiskars color codes

Dark OrangeHex color:#ff8f00
RGB:255 143 0
CMYK:0 44 100 0
Pantone:PMS 151 C