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FoodPanda: Brand overview

In 2012, Benjamin Bauer and Rolf Schromgens founded FoodPanda in Berlin, Germany. They saw a need for a simpler way to order food online and quickly expanded their idea to places like Brazil, Mexico, and Singapore, teaming up with local restaurants to deliver a variety of foods to people’s homes.

Just a year later, FoodPanda was operating in over 20 countries, attracting support from big investors. By 2014, it had bought out some of its competitors in Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary, strengthening its presence in Central and Eastern Europe.

A big turning point was 2015 when FoodPanda teamed up with Delivery Hero. This partnership helped FoodPanda grow, especially in Asia, where it sometimes entered markets like Hong Kong, Thailand, and Pakistan by joining forces with local companies.

In 2016, FoodPanda started its delivery service in some cities to improve reliability and compete with rivals like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. It also began delivering groceries and everyday items, meeting the increasing demand for convenience. Thanks to investments in tech and personalization, like smart recommendations and live tracking, FoodPanda has stayed ahead in the food delivery game.

Now, FoodPanda operates in over 400 cities across 12 countries, mainly in Asia and Central Europe, leading the way in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Romania. Its journey shows the rapid growth of the online food delivery world. By focusing on innovation, customer service, and partnerships, FoodPanda has played a big role in evolving the food delivery scene, ready to meet the ongoing demand for easy access to a wide range of foods.

Meaning and History

FoodPanda Logo History

2012 – 2014

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2014 – 2017

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2017 – today

FoodPanda Logo


Why is the Foodpanda logo pink?

Choosing pink for the Foodpanda logo wasn’t just about looking good. It was a smart move to make sure people remember them, especially since they’re up against a lot of competition like HonestBee and Uber Eats. Pink isn’t a common choice among their rivals, which helps Foodpanda stand out. Plus, pink makes people happy and comfortable, matching the vibe Foodpanda wants to give off with every order. It’s a color that hits the mark with its main customers – young, tech-friendly adults looking for easy food options. This color choice also connects Foodpanda with Foodora, another company under the same umbrella, which could make people who know Foodora think highly of Foodpanda, too.

Pink isn’t just for show; it’s used everywhere by Foodpanda, from its app to its delivery gear. This keeps the brand’s look consistent, building trust and retaining customers. Picking pink was a strategic step to make Foodpanda more noticeable and likable in the busy food delivery market.

What is the logo of Foodpanda?

The Foodpanda logo is easily recognizable with its panda picture and the brand name in small letters. Although the main look has stayed the same, they’ve made small tweaks over time to keep it modern. The newest version keeps the familiar panda and lettering but looks sharper and different from older designs.

The new logo thinned the panda’s lines, making it look more up-to-date and stylish. But even with these changes, the logo keeps its solid and trustworthy feeling. The panda is still friendly and easy to approach, showing what Foodpanda is all about.

The logo strikes a good balance by being modern without losing its classic feel. The sleek lines make Foodpanda seem like a company moving forward, but the overall look is still easy to recognize and comforts customers. This shows Foodpanda’s effort to stay fresh while keeping what customers have always liked about them.

The Foodpanda logo shows what the company stands for and promises to its customers. It’s a mix of reliability and creativity, which is important in the food delivery business. With careful design changes, the logo keeps sharing Foodpanda’s message clearly as the market changes.

What does Foodpanda do?

Foodpanda is a service that lets you order food online from many restaurants using your phone or computer. It’s a convenient way to get all kinds of food without leaving your house. Go to their website or app, enter where you live, and see which restaurants can deliver. You can look at menus, pick what you want, and order it.

The cool thing about Foodpanda is the huge variety of food it offers. You can get anything from Italian, Chinese, Indian, or American food, including desserts, drinks, and sometimes even groceries.

After you order, Foodpanda handles everything else. They tell the restaurant about your order, someone picks it up, and it’s delivered to you quickly, ready to eat.

Simply put, Foodpanda makes it easy to enjoy a wide range of food at home, whether trying something new or enjoying your favorites.

How does Foodpanda operate?

Foodpanda is a service that connects people who want food delivered to them with local restaurants. Here’s how it works in simple steps:

  • Find Restaurants Near You: Foodpanda lists restaurants that can deliver food to your area. You can see many food choices without looking up each restaurant individually.
  • Look at Menus: You can check out what these restaurants offer on Foodpanda. They list everything from what’s in each dish to how much it costs, making it easy to pick what you want based on what you like and how much you want to spend.
  • Order Your Food: Once you decide what you’re hungry for, you can order it through Foodpanda. You can choose your dishes, tell the restaurant about special requests (like less spice or no nuts), and say how much you want.
  • Give Your Delivery Info and Pay: Tell Foodpanda where to deliver your order and how you’ll pay after your order is ready. Depending on the restaurant’s acceptance, you could pay online with a card or use cash when your food arrives.
  • Get Your Order Confirmed and Delivered: Foodpanda then lets the restaurant know about your order. The restaurant makes your food and sends someone to deliver it to you. Foodpanda keeps you in the loop about how your order is coming along, from when it’s being made to when it should get to you.

Foodpanda is all about making it easy to enjoy meals from restaurants without going out. You don’t need to collect menus, make phone calls, or have cash ready. It’s a great way to try different foods or enjoy your favorites without leaving your place. This service is a win-win for both you and the restaurants since it helps you find more food options and helps restaurants reach more customers.

Which countries is Foodpanda available in?

Foodpanda is a big deal in food delivery, especially in Asia. It works in over 400 cities across 11 countries, making it easy for people to get their favorite meals delivered right to their door. Here’s where you can find Foodpanda:

  • Singapore: It’s all about quick and diverse food options, with many local and international dishes.
  • Hong Kong: Foodpanda delivers all sorts of food in this lively city, from local favorites to global hits.
  • Thailand: If you love Thai food or want something from another part of the world, Foodpanda has got you covered.
  • Malaysia: This country’s mix of cultures means you get a ton of different foods to choose from on Foodpanda.
  • Pakistan: Foodpanda is making a big splash here, offering a wide selection of local and international dishes.
  • Taiwan: Famous for its night markets, Taiwan’s Foodpanda brings the market to you with various restaurant options.
  • Philippines: Whether it’s Filipino food or something from a fast-food chain, Foodpanda delivers.
  • Bangladesh: You can get traditional Bengali meals and much more through Foodpanda here.
  • Laos: Foodpanda helps fill the gap between hungry customers and local eateries.
  • Cambodia: With a mix of local and international dishes, Cambodian users have many choices on Foodpanda.
  • Myanmar: From Burmese cuisine to quick eats, Foodpanda offers a wide range in Myanmar, too.

Foodpanda’s big network means it can bring a huge variety of food directly to people’s doors across Asia. It’s all about making it super easy for customers to enjoy different foods whenever they want, right from the comfort of their homes.

What is the mascot of Foodpanda?

In early 2022, Foodpanda rolled out its new mascot, Pau-Pau, a panda with human traits. Pau-Pau is more than just a cute character for the brand; it stands for important ideas like helping others and caring for the environment.

Foodpanda introduced Pau-Pau to show its dedication to doing good in its communities and focus on being eco-friendly. The choice of a panda highlights these points well, as pandas are often seen as symbols of conservation and kindness.

Pau-Pau is meant to be a friendly face for Foodpanda, showing that the company is about more than just food delivery. It’s about connecting with people and helping to make the world a better place. The mascot embodies the company’s warm and welcoming service and its goals to impact society and the planet positively.

How do I use badges in Foodpanda?

Putting a Foodpanda badge on your restaurant’s website is a simple way to show you’re partnered with Foodpanda, which can make your restaurant seem more trustworthy and might even bring in more customers. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

  • Find Your Restaurant on Foodpanda: Go to Foodpanda and open your restaurant’s page. This page has everything about your restaurant, like the menu and reviews.
  • Copy Your Page’s Link: Copy the website address from the address bar on your restaurant’s page. This link is important because it connects the badge on your website directly to your Foodpanda page.
  • Insert Your Link into the Badge Code: In the badge’s HTML code, there’s a spot that says “ENTER YOUR RESTAURANT URL.” Replace that with the link you just copied. Be sure to copy it correctly so it points people to your page when they click on it.
  • Copy the Full Badge Code: Now that you’ve added your link, copy the whole HTML code. This code is now set up to link to your restaurant’s Foodpanda page.
  • Paste the Code on Your Website: Put this HTML code where you want the badge to appear, like the homepage or footer. Once you paste the code, the badge will be on your site for everyone to see.

By adding this badge, you link your website to your Foodpanda page, making it clear that you’re officially working with Foodpanda. This badge acts like a seal of approval, making customers more likely to order from you, knowing that you’re a legitimate partner of Foodpanda.