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The FPV logo represents the power and strength of modified Ford vehicles. The emblem highlights the American roots of the company and the synergy between two popular brands – Ford and Falcon.

FPV: Brand overview

Ford Performance Vehicles, abbreviated as FPV, existed in 2002 as a specialized division of Ford Australia. Its primary role was to create high-performance versions of standard Ford models. The FPV GT, the brand’s debut car introduced in 2003, was a souped-up variant of Ford’s Falcon sedan.

Over the years, FPV continued to roll out GT variants of Ford’s Falcon sedan and Ute models. These models, equipped with potent V8 engines, included the GT, GT-P, GT-E, and others. 2008 marked a milestone for FPV by introducing its supercharged ‘BOSS’ V8 engine, available in models such as the Falcon GT-F and Falcon GT-P. This achievement positioned FPV as Australia’s first supercharged V8 production car mass producer.

2009 represented the zenith of FPV’s production, as the company manufactured more than 5,800 vehicles. Following this high point, FPV debuted an upgraded GT-F range in 2011. The revamped line featured a new naturally aspirated 5.0L ‘Coyote’ V8 engine.

In 2014, Ford Australia decided to halt all local manufacturing, ultimately ending FPV. The last model to roll off FPV’s production line was the FPV GTS.

Although relatively brief, FPV’s existence, spanning 12 years, was noteworthy. During its operation, it produced approximately 30,000 high-performance Ford vehicles. Despite its eventual closure in 2014 following Ford’s manufacturing exit, FPV remains an emblematic Australian performance car brand.

Meaning and History

FPV Logo History

What is FPV?

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) carved out a niche in motor racing for twelve years. Between 2002 and 2014, FPV, the high-performance subsidiary of Ford Australia, crafted a lineup of performance-enhanced Ford models bearing the proud FPV insignia. While the company may no longer operate, its influence endures, resonating strongly with those who enjoyed navigating the open roads in one of these legendary machines.

2002 – 2014

From 2002 to 2014, the FPV emblem featured a majestic eagle in the center of a white oval, cutting through a black sky. The image of the king of birds symbolizes untamed strength and a drive for victory. The eagle is one of the oldest symbols of power, representing might and grandeur. It connects to Ford’s American roots, where the eagle is a national emblem.

The eagle in the tight oval symbolizes the incredible power of the brand’s vehicles. This design highlights the high standards and technical excellence of FPV cars. The bold black letters “FPV” are placed at the bottom of the emblem, standing out clearly.

FPV stands for Ford Performance Vehicles, highlighting the division’s achievements in creating high-performance cars. The size and color of the letters emphasize the division’s importance and accomplishments, symbolizing the pursuit of leadership and excellence in the automotive market.