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The GAC Group logo represents a simple and reliable vehicle suitable for most tasks in a large metropolis. The emblem symbolizes business cars that meet clients’ expectations with their design and speed.

GAC Group: Brand overview

Guangzhou Automobile Group, or GAC, was founded in 1955 in Guangzhou, China. It was originally a state-owned enterprise specializing primarily in the production of commercial vehicles. Only in the 1980s did the company diversify its activities and begin to produce cars for individual consumers.

At the beginning of the 21st century, GAC entered strategic alliances with global automobile industry giants such as Honda, Toyota, and Mitsubishi. These partnerships aimed to produce a variety of vehicles specifically designed for Chinese consumers.

In the 2010s, GAC began creating a line of branded vehicles, introducing the Trumpchi, Aion, and Hycan models. This milestone allowed GAC to become one of China’s top five automakers, with sales of more than two million vehicles in 2021 alone.

Today, GAC’s portfolio ranges from traditional fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, SUVs, commercial trucks, and buses. With major production centers in Guangzhou and other parts of Guangdong Province, GAC has evolved from a regional commercial vehicle manufacturer to a major player in China’s automotive arena, aiming to go global.

Meaning and History

GAC Group Logo History

1955 – today

GAC Group Logo

The GAC Group logo is designed to appeal to Chinese and international audiences while honoring its Chinese roots. The top line features the Chinese name in bold red characters, and below it, the English name is displayed in a striking black font. This bilingual layout highlights the company’s global reach and dedication to its origins.

A prominent symbol resembling the letter “G” accompanies the text. This emblem has a metallic look achieved through a silver gradient, dark gray shadows, and white highlights, giving it a realistic, polished appearance. This metallic “G” adds a sense of modernity and technological advancement.

The red Chinese characters convey vitality and prosperity, reflecting Chinese cultural values associated with good fortune and success. The black English text symbolizes strength, authority, and professionalism, universally recognized and respected in business.

The three-dimensional metallic “G” enhances the logo by adding a premium feel, aligning with GAC Group’s goal of becoming a global leader in the automotive industry. The sleek design of the “G” symbolizes innovation and cutting-edge technology, reflecting the company’s focus on producing high-quality vehicles that meet international standards.