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The group of isotonic drinks and sports nutrition is represented by a brand from Chicago, whose emblem is executed in a minimalist style. The Gatorade logo emphasizes the name and direction of the product, symbolizing energy and speed and its connection to sports.

Gatorade: Brand overview

Founded:September 9, 1965
United States
Gatorade is an American brand of isotonic drinks and sports nutrition. The company originates from Chicago, Illinois, and was established in 1965. The brand was founded by Robert Cade, Dana Shires, Alejandro de Quesada, and Harry James Free and is currently owned by PepsiCo Corporation.

Meaning and History

Gatorade Logo History

The original logo looked different from the modern one. After a redesign in the 1970s, it took on a completely different appearance, which was known until 2008. The only thing that remained unchanged in it was the lightning bolt.

What is Gatorade?

Gatorade is a brand of drinks that maintain water balance. In addition to fluids, they contain nutritious electrolytes, carbohydrates, and antioxidants necessary for replenishing mineral and energy reserves. The isotonic drink was developed in 1965 by specialists at the University of Florida, and its commercial production began in 1967. The brand is currently owned by PepsiCo, Inc.

1965 – 1970

Gatorade Logo 1965-1970

The debut logo consisted of a combination of black letters written in different fonts.

1970 – 1986

Gatorade Logo 1970-1986

This year saw the emergence of the iconic lightning bolt image. It was very large and pierced the name and the text beneath it. The brand’s primary colors were orange, aquamarine, and blue.

1986 – 1991

Gatorade Logo 1986-1991

During this period, the owners changed the style of writing for some letters.

1991 – 1994

Gatorade Logo 1991-1994

In this version, the iconic lightning bolt was left unchanged, with only the drink’s name and the phrase “Thirst Quencher” being adjusted. They were angled, and a sharp edge was added to the frame.

1994 – 1998

Gatorade Logo 1994-1998

The 1994 variant received a shaded line to the right and below. The lower inscription was brought outward.

1998 – 2004

Gatorade Logo 1998-2004

Another adjustment to the trademark allowed for a simple and memorable logo recognizable in the modern label. The words Thirst Quencher were completely removed by the designers.

2004 – 2009

Gatorade Logo 2004-2009

The A-shaped frame around the name disappeared from the emblem – the letters received a white background with a figurative frame. The lightning bolt became bright orange, almost red.

2009 – today

Gatorade Logo 2009-present

Designers completely reworked the brand logo, enlarged the capital letter “G,” and placed the full brand name above it. The lightning bolt was reduced and placed in the center.

Font and Colors

Gatorade Emblem

All versions have their fonts with serifs – there isn’t a single identical spelling. Therefore, the logos differ in letter thickness, angle of inclination, and color. Some of them have something in common with Rory Oblique.

The international version contains a classic set of colors: white for the outline, orange and black for the lightning bolt, and dark gray for the letter.

The color palette of the special edition emblem, developed in 2015 in North America, is very diverse. In addition to the traditional brand range, it includes yellow, an additional shade of orange, and bright green tones.

Gatorade Symbol

The logos of this brand do not have identical fonts: each period has its own writing of the word “Gatorade.” The font has something in common with Rory Oblique. The latest version uses rounded letters with serifs, developed by the advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day.

The brand’s palette includes a white background, black lettering, yellow and orange colors for lightning bolts, dark gray for letters, and the company name. Earlier versions also used blue for edging and green for the inscription.

Gatorade color codes

Sandy BrownHex color:#f8a350
RGB:248 163 80
CMYK:0 34 68 3
Pantone:PMS 715 C
Deep Carmine PinkHex color:#ee3d42
RGB:238 61 66
CMYK:0 74 72 7
Pantone:PMS Warm Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Gatorade logo represent?

The modern Gatorade logo contains the first letter of the brand name – a large G in dark gray. Inside it is an orange lightning bolt, complemented by red stripes and a black outline. This iconic element symbolizes energy and speed. The word GATORADE is written above the letter G, aligned to the right edge, for which designers used a font with long rectangular serifs.

Has the Gatorade logo changed?

The Gatorade logo has changed many times. The first time this happened was in 1970, when the brand acquired a symbol in the form of a lightning bolt. The last redesign (as of 2021) was done in 2008, when developers completely changed the structure of the logo, making the main element a gray letter “G,” placing a small lightning bolt in the center, and moving the brand name to the upper right corner.