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The international movement devoted to kindness and mutual help is recognized by an inspiring logo. After all, the Giving Tuesday logo motivates all people to rally together to show compassion, mercy, and love to those in need.

Giving Tuesday: Brand overview

United States

2012 was the birthday of the international Giving Tuesday movement when it was first held in the U.S. The action was to organize an event that would allow people to demonstrate their generosity to those in need. The effort to encourage people, regardless of their social background, family, business, or organization, to share something with others resonated widely with Americans, turning the solitary event into an annual celebration.

This idea has grown into a tradition that has been going on for nine years in many countries around the world, continuing to attract more and more followers. Recognition of the approaching event is provided by the logo, which was created specifically for the 2012 event in America. Its main symbol was a stylized image of a heart made up of the elements of the American national flag. When this charity event already crossed the borders of America a year later, the sign changed, making the logo not a national but an international one.

Meaning and History

Giving Tuesday Symbol

Giving Tuesday is chosen to celebrate the last Tuesday in November after Thanksgiving as a counterpoint to the consumer profile days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Henry Timms, president of the 92nd Street Y Cultural Center, whose mission is to create events and programs that encourage people to get involved in community activities, was the origin of this idea. His initiative was immediately supported by the United Nations Foundation, UNICEF, Google, Skype, Microsoft, Unilever, Sony, and other prominent international organizations as founding partners. Thanks to massive publicity in the media and on television, and on the official White House blog pages, the event attracted a huge number of people in every community in America, making it a truly large-scale event.

The basic concept of such an event was to popularize generosity not as “benevolence” for the well-off toward the poor but as an effort to express mutual respect, common solidarity of all toward all, regardless of social status. It is an attempt to reduce the growing tensions between wealthy segments of the population.

Today Giving Tuesday has grown into a global philanthropic movement that has already reached more than 150 countries. With its help, hundreds of millions of dollars have been redirected to good causes. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and mass promotion of the idea in social networks, blogs, and Internet portals, the wide use of the logo of this charity that has already become recognizable worldwide, the generosity has gone “viral,” “infecting” more and more people around the world with its idea, showing in reality that there are no limits to good deeds! The emblem only confirms that humanity is characterized by love and compassion, mercy and sympathy, unity, and the ability to unite in the face of universal threats and joy, in the desire to do good. This is what the “heart” sign, which is the central figure of the movement’s logo, symbolizes.

The emblem of the movement is simple and understandable to everyone without exception. It is the text of the name of the action in English, made in capital letters in a single color scheme – dark blue. The most attractive in the text and the entire image, the accent symbol, is a stylized heart, with which the developers replaced the letter “V” in the first word. The color of fiery magenta was used to create the symbol, which stands out visually with its brightness against the dark blue letters of the rest of the text. The heart is represented by thick red (flame magenta) lines – three on each side – with rounded corners in their upper part, forming a visual match to the shape of a stylized heart, between the gaps of the same thickness. The lines intersect at the bottom of the symbol, creating a square placed on top, divided into equal sectors.

Such an image echoes the first logo of the movement, conventionally reminiscent of the American flag, which was then used as a symbol of belonging to the country of the action. Today, many countries use a similar move, filling the bottom element of the sign with the image of their national flag. The heart itself is used as an icon for mobile services. It is independently used in advertising media and Internet resources related to the charity event, symbolizing the participation of the owners and their support.

Giving Tuesday: Interesting Facts

Giving Tuesday launched in 2012, has grown into a worldwide day of philanthropy, pushing back against the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday by dedicating a day to charity and kindness.

  1. Start: It began with the 92nd Street Y in New York City and the United Nations Foundation to encourage people to give back after days of shopping.
  2. Global Reach: Now, millions of people from over 100 countries participate, making it a worldwide event that promotes donations, volunteer work, and acts of kindness.
  3. When It Happens: It’s celebrated Tuesday after Thanksgiving, following the busy shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  4. Social Media Influence: The hashtag #GivingTuesday helps spread the word on social media, inspiring stories of generosity and boosting nonprofit organizations.
  5. Growing Donations: Donations increase every year. In 2020, around $2.47 billion was donated in the U.S. alone.
  6. Many Ways to Give: Beyond money, Giving Tuesday encourages volunteering, donating goods, sharing skills, and simple acts of kindness.
  7. Wide Participation: From small charities to large NGOs and businesses, many join by matching donations or running campaigns.
  8. Lasting Effects: While it’s a one-day event, Giving Tuesday aims to inspire continued support and charity throughout the holiday season.
  9. Creative Campaigns: Each year, innovative efforts to raise money and awareness, including social media challenges and partnerships, are featured.
  10. Helpful Resources: The Giving Tuesday organization offers tools and ideas for getting involved, helping maximize the day’s impact.

Giving Tuesday shows the incredible impact of coming together to help others, proving that collective action can lead to meaningful change in communities worldwide.

Font and Colors

Giving Tuesday Emblem

The text is in different fonts. The first word, “Giving,” is in Clown Regular font above the second. The second is in RyuGothic Medium font. Both are aligned on the edges, creating a visual unity of the entire composition.

Several logo variants were used in the advertisement, which was caused by the conditions and location. The letters were done in white on a dark blue background. The text was arranged horizontally as a single word. The heart was also done in white, like the font. But the commonality and unity of the chosen style were always preserved.

Giving Tuesday color codes

Safety BlueHex color:#224681
RGB:34 70 129
CMYK:74 46 49
Pantone:PMS 7686 C
RuddyHex color:#ff152d
RGB:255 21 45
CMYK:0 92 82 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C